Sunday, March 2, 2014


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today.  It happened last fall, in Houston, Texas.  This little girl caught a baseball at a game and some twatbag bitch just snatches it away from her.  Note her high fiving a companion sitting nearby while the rest of the spectators look on in disgust.  The poor kid looks all sad as she heads back up the steps to her seat.

They sent the girl another ball, but it's not exactly the same thing.  Glad it was caught on tape and I hope it was shown to the masses repeatedly.  What a shameless creep that nasty woman is.  This situation kind of reminds me of the pool scene in Mommie Dearest.

I will always beat you!

It's possible that the baseball stealing bitch just got lost in an adrenaline rush, but I have to say that just grabbing the ball from a younger, smaller, little girl who had already legitimately caught it speaks volumes about that woman's lousy character.  She deserves some bad karma coming her way.

My travel blog will be getting a new restaurant review today.  Mr. Bill and I went out to dinner last night because we were both in the mood for a date.  We had a very nice meal at one of San Antonio's better restaurants.  Last night, it was warm enough that we could drive back home with the top down.

Bill is preparing a nice greasy breakfast this morning because we drank lots of wine last night.  I'm thinking about writing more fiction later today.  I doubt I'll be getting dressed.  I enjoy shuffling around the house like a mental patient on Sundays.


  1. I can't believe the bitch's friends were as evil as she was. Someone who knows her should identify her so that she can receive more publicity for her most heroic act.

    1. Yeah, she is in need of a little karma.


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