Friday, March 28, 2014

Bill is at his first job fair...

He left early this morning for Austin, dressed in one of his new suits.  It was weird seeing him dressed that way when he usually wears ACUs.  It sounds like a lot of the people at this event are from really big companies.  When he mentioned seeing people from WalMart, Amazon, and General Mills represented at the "ice breaker" last night, I knew it was going to be a rather general event.  I doubt anything will come from it, other than putting Bill in the interviewing mode and starting the circulation of his resume.  I think Bill will go for something more military oriented.

Newly tailored.  Such a hottie.

I think there might be some dental cement lodged between my teeth after yesterday's procedure.  The crown fits fine bite wise, but it feels a little tight and "pulls" a little.  I have a feeling the cement will wear off, though.  Hopefully, it'll be sooner rather than later.  I'm just glad to be rid of the temporary crown.  It was pretty gross when they removed it.  After three weeks, it stank like hell…  or maybe it was my tooth that stank.

Yesterday, I got a new Epinions sweatshirt and beer stein in the mail.  I ordered them from CafePress store Epinions ran before it went defunct.  I ordinarily wouldn't buy something like that, but I spent almost eleven years writing there and want something to remember it by.  That's the longest I've ever "worked" anywhere, though I couldn't so much say that Epinions was a job, per se.  It was more like something I did that was both fun and provided a small income stream.  I'm hoping it'll give me the confidence to try something more ambitious.

This must be the year for Web sites going dark, since I also found out yesterday that Television Without Pity is also closing.  I won't miss that site as much as I will Epinions, but it's still sad.  I loved going there to read about certain reality shows involving The Duggars and The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  ;-)

This morning, I'm going to confer with an artist about making a plaque commemorating my five rescue dogs (three of which are no longer with us).  It's probably something I don't need to be buying right now, but the conference is free and this would be a piece of art that we'd have forever.  Sticks makes really cool, whimsical furniture.  I first found them in 2004, when Bill and I went to Reston, Virginia for a strawberry festival that was held at an outdoor mall.  At that time, Artcraft had a store there.  I loved the furniture, but it was (and still is) insanely expensive.  That's because all the pieces are hand made and hand painted.  I'm not planning to buy something huge and involved, but I think we can swing a couple hundred bucks for something really cool.  When it's finished in a few weeks, I'll post a photo.

It's going to look somewhat like this, only there will be five dogs that look like mine and there will be a rainbow scene in the background…  I can't wait until it's finished!

Otherwise, I'm having a run of the mill Friday…  Going to do some writing and vacuuming later.  Hopefully, Bill will be home early and we can kick off a good weekend.


  1. I would think that apiece of artwork with all your dogs would be lovely.

  2. I'm excited. The session went very well.

  3. I missed the suit pic. The Lt. Col. looks dashing.

    1. He does, doesn't he? He cleans up beautifully.


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