Saturday, March 1, 2014

Be polite!

Perhaps this sign should read "Please go fuck yourself."

I enjoyed a nice long sleep on the Italian sheets I just bought from RueLaLa.  I had been coveting them for a long time and finally pulled the trigger when RueLaLa gave me a $25 credit and I realized the old pillow cases I was using on my extra pillows were hopelessly frayed and yucky looking.  The sheets we had on the bed were mostly fine, but I really enjoy nice linens and these deliver pretty well.

My mood today is somewhat decent so far.  My molar is ever annoying, but in a few days it will be shaved down and covered in acrylic.  Hopefully, that will do the trick, though I don't look forward to the process or the insurance company aftermath.  

The weather appears to be cloudy and foggy, which makes me want to get back under my new sheets and hibernate.  I'm kind of hoping we'll do something fun later other than watch TV and drink beer.

I was kind of productive yesterday, but I don't see that happening today.  


  1. It's raining right now here. We had lightning and thunder last night, which was pretty cool although my dog didn't share that opinion.

    I've never had dental work other than cleanings and ortho, but I will eventually have four baby teeth that have no permanent ones beneath them replaced with implants. I hate dental visits at least as much as doctor appointments. You have my sympathy.

    1. I still have two baby teeth myself. Dentist says they have good roots.

      I wish I had taken better care of my teeth when I was a child. I take good care of them now, which has spared me a lot of the drama poor Bill has had to deal with. I'd rather visit the dentist than the doctor, though.


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