Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What a fulfilling lifestyle...

This ad says so much about so little...

I couldn't find a link to the ad from HauteLook, which prompted me to write this post.  The one I have above is pretty close, though.  Basically, the lady in this ad can't start her day without shopping on HauteLook, a Web site that offers high end fashions for low prices.  Being a bit on the zaftig side, I don't shop on HauteLook for clothes.  Hell, though I am a member of the site, I almost never shop there.  What kills me about this ad is that it's so shallow.  Here's this pretty blonde woman who, in this version of the ad, must shop on HauteLook before she does anything else with her day.

In the version of the ad that prompted me to write today's post, the same blonde woman has a "routine".  Gym, coffee, and HauteLook.  The ad shows her getting new "stuff" every day… a new skirt, new shoes, new jewelry.  Hey, it's great that you're stylin', but is that really the focus of every day?  No wonder Americans don't have any money.

Granted, I can't really talk too much about this.  I love to shop online, especially on Amazon and Novica.  Last night, I ordered a bottle of Armenian brandy from PotomacWines.com.  I can't find this particular brandy where we live, because most Americans have no idea how good it is.  Given Bill's looming retirement, it may be the last bottle I'll be buying for awhile.  Shipping is a killer!

I also bought a new dress from Amazon… actually, I bought two.  And this is even though I almost never go anywhere that requires wearing a dress.  However, I do have a few dresses that I wear all the time when the occasion calls for it.  When I see something I like, I jump on it.  The other dress should get here today, so if I like it and try it on, I'll have to take a photo.

Anyway, I don't shop everyday.  I can't afford to and I don't have the kind of body that lends itself to being a clothes horse.  I do like to buy jewelry though.

In other news, Bill was looking for jobs last night and it seems there may be some opportunities coming up in Germany that have his name written all over them.  In fact, it looks like Germany might have more opportunities for what he's best suited to do than Texas does.  Here in San Antonio, most jobs with the Army are related to medicine.  He could probably get a job working with the Air Force, but I think he'd prefer to work with Army training in an international arena.

I'm not going to get my hopes up, but it does look like exciting opportunities to move back to Europe could be on the horizon.  Stay tuned!   


  1. This is insane. Who other than the Rockefellers and the Hiltons and their ilk can afford to shop for clothing every day?

    1. More importantly, who would want to?


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