Monday, February 10, 2014

Something rotten in Denmark...

This morning, a friend of mine shared a news article about Marius, a giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo, who was shot with a bolt gun by zookeepers and fed to lions.   Even though another zoo offered to rehome the giraffe, the zoo in Denmark killed him anyway.  They said they were concerned about inbreeding.  There was a photo of Marius, who was only 18 months old, accompanying the article.  Fortunately, he was still alive in the photo.  Other, supposedly graphic, photos are circulating that show the animal dead.  Apparently the public, children included, were invited to watch Marius being dissected.  On the surface, that makes me cringe… although a case could be made that letting kids watch the dissection shows them where meat comes from.

A friend of mine brought up the fact that feeding the giraffe to the lions was no worse than feeding them beef.  Upon further thought, I realized he was right.  I mean, giraffes are beautiful animals, but cows have feelings too.  Why aren't we upset when we kill them for meat?  Because they aren't as attractive?  And like it or not, cats are carnivores.  They need meat.

Denis Leary makes sense.

I hate seeing photos of half-starved, beaten, bleeding, or medically tested animals.  Every time one of those disturbing photos pops up on my Facebook feed, I hide it.  I especially get upset when I see the photos of beagles being forced to breathe smoke.  I don't like seeing photos of abused kids, either.  I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but I really hate seeing animals who are suffering.  It breaks my heart.  I probably ought to be a vegetarian.  It probably won't happen, though.  I like meat.

In other news, JimBoob and Michelle Duggar are apparently going to try to open a "Life Museum" in Washington, DC.  This idea came about after the Duggars visited the Holocaust Museum and made the mental leap that women who have abortions are doing the same thing the Nazis did to Jews and other people who were deemed "undesirable".

Boob is trying to get pro life groups to donate money to make this museum a reality.  I'm sure there are people out there who think it's a good idea… however, I don't think abortion is even remotely the same thing as the Holocaust is.  No one I know remembers being in the womb, but there are people still around who remember the Holocaust and the horrors visited on people in concentration camps.

Boob says:

“A couple of years ago, our family was in Washington, D.C., and we went through the Holocaust Museum, and we were just so amazed with how well that was done, telling the tragic story of all the Jews and many others throughout Europe that were killed,” Jim Bob told LifeSiteNews. “And after going through that, I just really felt like what was going on in America and around the world is a baby holocaust.”

A "baby holocaust"?  Really Boob?

He continues...

“The people who want abortion to continue, they think they’re supporting women’s rights,” he said, “but they’re just really blinded to the fact that these are little babies that are being killed. These are women who are maybe choosing a quick solution to a problem, but they don’t realize they’re going to have a lifetime of regret after they have the abortion.”

Uh, Boob… How do you know what women feel after they have an abortion?  How do you know they are choosing to have abortions because of convenience?

I have said it before and I will say it again.  Personally, I find abortion horrifying.  That's why I don't plan to have one.  But it's not for me to force a woman who doesn't want to be pregnant to remain in that condition.  Sometimes abortions are necessary for health reasons, too.  And frankly, Boob, it's none of your business.  Why don't you stop worrying about the unborn fetuses of other people and focus on the born children you and your wife have birthed.  You still have lots of kids who need you to care about what happens to them.  Get the fuck out of Washington, DC and tend to your own brood.

I can only imagine what kinds of exhibits would be in a "Life Museum".  It would be like the horrifying photos of abused animals and kids on my Facebook feed times 100.  The thought of it makes me cringe.


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