Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not quite ready to write yet...

But someone did share this hilarious video of Bill Maher talking about BYU-I's anti-porn video and the Mormons' hatred of jerking off…

They are really getting their share of lumps over their anti-masturbation bullshit.  While I'm sure this is a subject that is of ultimate importance to Mormons, to those of us who aren't LDS, it really comes off as ridiculous.  Of all the things they could be worried about, a person's masturbation habits seem like comparatively small potatoes.

I know the original BYU-I video was really directed at pornography and I understand why so many people, LDS or not, dislike porn.  But again, I think they have much bigger fish to fry.  Most people view porn so they can jerk off.  Masturbation is healthy and relaxing.  Basketball is a poor substitute.

Anyway… Bill Maher is funny as always.  

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