Friday, February 21, 2014

My new red dress...

I just wrote a piece on PopRockNation about my new red dress.  I'm not going to rehash what I wrote for PopRockNation, which is a music blog I contribute to.  Instead, I'm going to write about how I felt when I first tried on the dress and shoes.

I have a pretty crappy body image.  I don't like the way my body looks, yet I no longer really have the drive to change my eating habits or exercise.  So here I sit, feeling a little awkward about my new little red dress.  I tried the dress on last night, sans makeup and fixed hair.  I didn't like it that much…

This morning, after I put on makeup and fixed my hair and found some jewelry, I liked it a lot more.  But I still think I might be self conscious wearing this in public…

Red is such a power color.  It turns heads.  I might have liked this more if it were a little darker.

Red shoes to match…

Not high heels!

The shoes remind me a little of Candies, which were popular in the 80s.

I actually would have preferred shoes with more straps.  These are kind of like flip flops.  But they didn't have really high heels and were kind of cute.  They were also made by Nine West, a company I know makes decent shoes.

We are our own worst critics, of course, and I'm sure the dress is fine on me in other peoples' eyes.  I have the same dress in navy blue, though, and it doesn't make me feel nearly as uncomfortable about my body image.  Navy blue dresses are not as noticeable.  I kind of want to find another piano shawl or something to cover up with!

At least I don't look like Sophia Petrillo yet…

One night, Bill will dare me to wear my red dress… and it'll probably be much ado about nothing.

Of course, this guy would probably not approve of my new dress or heels…  Good thing I went shopping for husbands on a porn site.


  1. Someone I know is a first cousin of Tad R. Callister. The Callister I know is a nice guy, but Tad R. doesn't seem quite quite so much like my cup of tea.

    You'd probably be killed if you were FLDS just for trying on the ensemble. I think it looks beautiful, though.

  2. Thanks Alexis. I think I like the blue better, but the red has been a great for writing today. I just played that clip for Bill. He's disgusted. Sad that his daughters drink in every word.


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