Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mother-in-law got a job...

A week ago, my mother-in-law was very worried and upset because she was having trouble finding a job.  Then the other day, she found an ad on Craig's List and attended an interview at a senior assisted living center.  They hired her, so now she has a part-time job to supplement Social Security.  She came over last night after she went to training and spent the night.  I'm really happy for her.  I know she was very concerned about how she was going to get by.  I only hope Bill has similar luck in the coming months.

In the meantime, we 're trying to decide what we're going to do next.  It's kind of stressful.  Bill has applied for jobs in Europe.  We want to move back there, but it also looks like the type of jobs that best suit him are abroad.  But if that doesn't work out, I really would like to move into a home of my own.  So that means we need to plan for that possibility, too.

Meanwhile, his retirement starts in July and even if he got a job in Germany for then, we probably wouldn't be able to ship the dogs until September.  Airlines are pretty strict about when you can fly with animals.  Texas is pretty hot anyway, even in September, and if it's too hot then, we wouldn't be able to fly with them from here.  We may have to drive to another city.  We would also have to ship our cars.

So I'm not sure what's going to happen in the coming months.  To add to all of this, I really need to get my tooth fixed and my eyes checked.

Maybe later, I'll think of something of substance to write about today.


  1. A lesser woman would be screaming for benzodiazepenes.

    1. Bill is such a love. We were outside and he was making me lunch on the grill. He suddenly said, "I really love you." He said all his best memories have been with me. I've made his late 30s and 40s a lot of fun. That's so nice to hear.

      I'm sure we'll be okay. It's just stressful in the interim.

  2. I'm sure you'll be fine, too. It's just that the uncertainty has to be tough.

    You and Bill are both lucky to have each other.

    1. Yeah, we are very lucky. I never even thought I'd get married, let alone hit a home run with finding the right person. We've weathered hard times before. At least we don't have to pay twatbag anymore.


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