Monday, February 24, 2014


I'm grateful to Bill's ex-wife, not just because she divorced Bill.  I'm also grateful to her because had she not converted to Mormonism, I probably never would have found the Recovery from Mormonism Web site.  That community is fascinating and I have run into some really excellent people who have left the church.  Their stories are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious, and always very human.

Yesterday, I was talking to Bill about some of the great writing and music I've found, courtesy of the exMormon community.  I especially enjoy the books written by former missionaries, whose insights are usually fascinating.  As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, I can relate in a different way to a lot of the books written by people who have lived in developing countries, even if missionaries and Peace Corps Volunteers ultimately have different agendas.

Last night, I got a comment from a Mormon on an old post I wrote about a video I found on YouTube called On The Way Home.  This person, like some of the other LDS folks who have stumbled across my blog, apparently felt attacked by that post and some of the comments that were left there.  She sort of bore her testimony.  Folks, let me just say this.  I really don't care what other peoples' religious beliefs are, as long as they don't try to turn their beliefs into public policies that affect everyone.  Religion is personal.  This blog is also personal.

I relate very well to many exMormons, even though I am not one.  I have found the exMormon community to be very cool in many ways.  So yes, I am grateful to Bill's ex-wife, not just for divorcing Bill in her attempt to force him to rock bottom, but also because her decision to convert led me to meet some great people.  I found RfM when I needed help understanding the LDS church.  And while not everyone who posts there is "nice" or pleasant, enough are.

In other news, I think I'm about ready to bite the bullet and call the dentist about fixing my tooth.  I was going to try to wait until April, when I have a cleaning scheduled and my insurance benefits renew.  But this tooth is really annoying me and I'm afraid it's getting worse.  


  1. I read at RFM but don't post there. it's an informative and fun place.

    Good luck with your molar.

    1. Thanks Alexis. I wish myself luck with it, too.


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