Sunday, February 9, 2014

Death of a pedophile...

In January 2013, I wrote an article about bad apples in social work.  In that article, I wrote about a man named Arthur Bracke, who was the social worker in Middlesex County, Virginia for many years until his retirement in 2007.  After he retired, he tried to kill one of his adopted sons by setting fire to their home while the boy and a friend slept.  It later came out that Bracke was a notorious sex offender.  He eventually got sentenced to 39 years in a Virginia prison.  I found out today that Bracke died in March 2013.  He was 66 years old and his death appeared to have been from "natural causes".  I hadn't thought about him or his case in awhile, but noticed that post was getting a lot of hits, so I decided to see what he was up to.  Apparently, he's up to nothing now.

It's been a busy day.  Bill went out to get the car serviced while I messed around with my new audio mixer that I've hooked up to my computer and can't seem to get working properly.  We're getting closer to a solution, but haven't quite got it yet.

Later, we drove out to Helotes and Grey Forest, northwest of San Antonio, to check out the area and see one of Bill's friends.  His wife had a Novica table she wanted us to have.  She works for Novica and has no room for the table.  So we picked that up and enjoyed Bill's friend's house, which is very cool, has character, and great views.  It's right near Hill Country.  If we buy a house, I hope it's out that way, though looking at the prices out there, it may not be possible.

After a couple of hours, we went to Flying Saucer in San Antonio, which I blogged about on my travel blog a few months ago.  We had a late repast of beer, nachos, and pretzels.  I love carbs.

Now we're home and I'm still trying to figure out the mixer.  It's very frustrating.


  1. What kind of a table is it?

    I think i would like Flying Saucer. I like carbs as much as any other nutrient.

    1. The table looks a lot like this… It's made by the same artist. I have a few of his other tables with this top…

      I put the new table in the dining room, since it doesn't really go with the other ones but looks fine with the dining room furniture. In fact, it's nicer than the dining room furniture.

      Flying Saucer is a place to go for beer. They have lots of taps and bottles and we had beautiful weather yesterday, so we were in the mood for beer.


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