Monday, February 17, 2014

Bill's mom visited...

She called me yesterday asking if we could give her some help with her resume, since she was rather unceremoniously forced to retire from her job of almost 15 years.  The people she was working for were not the most ethical folks in the world, so it's not a bad thing that she doesn't work there anymore. But in the meantime, she needs to find another job.

While she was visiting, I asked her if she'd thought about maybe opening an Etsy store.  MIL likes to sew and makes things like tea cozies and bags.  I told her selling her stuff online might give her an income stream and something to do while she looks for new work.  Unfortunately, she thinks she's running into some age discrimination.

We had dinner, lots of beer, and some great conversation.  I truly love my mother-in-law.  She is a lovely person.  She spent the night, much to the dogs' delight.  Zane especially adores Bill's mom and even slept with her last night.  Arran slept with us, but went into say goodnight to Bill's mom.  I had to film them saying goodbye to her, because it was very emotional.

While Bill's mom was visiting, I got a call from my mom, who mistakenly thought I had called her last night.  It turned out it was her neighbor who called, who has a name that sounds like mine.  I ended up talking to my parents and my sister, who happened to be visiting.

Everybody seems to be doing okay.  I got a new table from, which is my favorite place to drop cash.

I decided to put it in my office, next to the chair where Bill usually sits… maybe it'll help prevent him from spilling wine on the crappy carpets.

Yesterday was a nice, drama free day.  Nobody sent me pissy emails and no one told me I need to grow a thicker skin.  It was the kind of day I'd like to have more often.

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