Monday, February 3, 2014

Bill in his brewing element...

Santa brought him the t-shirt!

Yesterday, Bill decided to brew another batch of beer.  Our house smelled like a brewery for most of the day.  That smell always takes me back to childhood because I grew up near Williamsburg, Virginia, where Anheuser-Busch has a brewery.  I could often smell that sweet, fragrant, hoppy aroma even in my hometown of Gloucester if the wind blew just right.  Of course, sometimes another smell would invade.  In the opposite direction, you'd hit the town of West Point, where there is a paper factory.  It makes the town and the area stink like hell.  Sometimes that smell would drift to Gloucester and remind me why I wanted to move.

Now that I'm older, I have more appreciation for the place where I grew up.  And now that I'm a devoted beer drinker, I appreciate the smell of fresh beer brewing.  I love to see how proud Bill is when his concoctions turn out the way he expects them to.

I am the one who got him into brewing beer.  Several years ago, when we lived on an Army post, I bought him a Mr. Beer kit.  Mr. Beer does not make the best beers, but it is a good way to become familiar with the process of beer brewing.  Bill made a few batches and then we moved to Germany, where home brewing was illegal (at least at that time… not sure if it still is).  Bill didn't brew when we were in Germany, but when we moved to Georgia, we discovered a great home brew store in the town where we were living.

Bill picked up a new kit that would offer more professional results than the Mr. Beer kit does.  Since then, he's made several batches of first rate brew.  Given that he was a devout Mormon when I met him (or so he led me to believe), I see this as a pretty cool development...

It's not often I can get him to smile like that on camera.  Of course, I said something nasty to make him laugh, which is why he looks so happy.  He married me, in part, because I say the things he wants to say but can't bring himself to.  And his homemade beer aids me in that endeavor, too.  After all, beer usually puts me in a funny mood.

Anyway, I expect this Belgian style farmhouse ale will turn out well.  I look forward to tasting it.


  1. No one in my family is into brewing. Maybe when I finish med school and have time for a hobby, I'll take it up.

    1. It can be a lot of fun. A side benefit is that beer nerds tend to be good people. Or at least that's my experience.


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