Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Are you ever relieved when...

you get unfriended by someone on Facebook who regularly annoys you anyway?

Someone who generally irritates me on Facebook unceremoniously dumped me last night.  So, just out of curiosity, I posted a status update similar to the above question.  The responses I got were pretty funny and of course, I got a lot of "likes" too.  One friend mentioned that he can never figure out who unfriends him.  I have that covered because I have what's known as a "Friend Tracker".  The Friend Tracker tells me who dumps me and why.  Sometimes people drop off because they make their account inactive.  Sometimes they just flat out unfriend you for whatever reason.  Friend Tracker gives you a note telling you which situation applies to your dumping.

 I got Friend Tracker when I downloaded a Facebook app called Social Fixer some time ago.  This app was pretty cool because it allowed you to separate annoying posts from your feed.  Don't want to see everybody's game posts?  You can separate those.  It also allows you to "mute" people.  Facebook had a small war with the guy who made that app and one of the conditions to allow him to keep his app functioning was to get rid of Friend Tracker.  I haven't updated my version yet.  I probably should, though, since Friend Tracker can cause hard feelings.

On the other hand, I'm not sure why Facebook cares if people can find out who unfriends them and when.  If you know your Facebook friendship didn't work out in the past, you can avoid trying to refriend that person later.  Frankly, I think I'd rather just do away with the friend count altogether.  That way, people can just fade away gracefully when the feelings of friendly Facebook solidarity eventually fade.

One of my other friends teased me about how she was gonna clean house, but can't because now she knows I have a "Friend Tracker".   I said she was welcome to unfriend me, but I might have to make her a murder victim in my next novel.  ;-)  This particular friend is someone I know from the Internet, but I feel certain that if we knew each other offline, we'd be very good friends.

As for the person who unfriended me last night, I have to say, I was slightly surprised.  As far as I know, I didn't post anything blatantly offensive.  Our last interaction had to do with the Farmville girl who wants a plus-sized Disney princess.  She made a comment that she thought Disney was done making Disney princess movies.  I said I didn't know or even really care what Disney's agenda is.  I admire this girl for being brave about being a plus-sized teen and pursuing a goal.  Next thing I know, this chick is showing up as having "23 mutual friends".

The person who unfriended me has repeatedly irritated me on a number of occasions anyway, so I can't say I was totally upset that she finally pulled the plug.  We didn't have much chemistry and I had been tempted to unfriend her myself more than once.  And then, not five minutes after I posed the question about being relieved when someone who annoys you unfriends you, someone posted this…

I thought this was very fitting, under the circumstances.

So so long, former Facebook friend.  While I always regret a friendship break-up, it just wasn't working out between us.  And I'm glad you saw it, too.  Peace be with you.


  1. I don't know if O'll ever bother with FB. It just seems like more trouble than it's worth, although some people realy enjoy it.

    1. I think you are wise to avoid it. You will be busy enough with your studies. It's largely a waste of time.


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