Thursday, February 27, 2014

Academic integrity...

A curious thing happened yesterday.  A friend of my husband's sent me a private message wanting to know more about our experiences with Roma in Greece and Spain.  He explained that he was writing a paper for his wife, who is apparently in school and has trouble with writing.  This man's wife is not American.  I mean, she's now an American citizen, but she was born and raised in Europe, so English is not her first language, though she speaks English very well.

The guy went on to tell me that he'd written two papers for his wife and gotten A's for her on both of them.  I asked him why he was doing his wife's work for her.  He said it was because he loves her.  Then he said she was doing fine in her other classes, but just has problems with writing.

Why this guy told me about this stuff is beyond me.  I think he realized I didn't condone what he was doing, though I wasn't going to reprimand him for being dishonest.  Seems to me that if you really love your wife, you'll help her do her own work and learn how to write better rather than doing the writing for her.  Sooner or later, that lack of writing competency will catch up with her and she'll end up looking like a fool.  That's not a very loving future to sentence your wife to.

I know writing is hard, even when you're writing in your own language; but doesn't he think she's smart enough to do her own work?  And what about the school?  Doesn't cheating ultimately make the school's degrees worth less? What about when she's tested and he can't be there to do her work for her?   Won't there be a big discrepancy between her papers and her essays on tests?

I guess I wasn't surprised that he was "helping" his wife in this way.  He's always been one to take shortcuts if he can get away with it.  But I have to admit, it kind of made me respect him less.  He's not a bad guy, but I think he's misguided sometimes.  And really, though this is a short-term solution, in the long run, it's not going to serve either of them well.

I'm really having a bad week.

ETA:…  This video sums up my mood.


  1. I had a few teachers in middle school and high school whose papers were probably written by someone else. i/ don't see how they otherwise could have gotten through college and credential programs.

    I've been at the LDS Babycenter site, and the women there say that they routinely write papers for their husbands who are in college. They don't even act as though they need to justify it.

    The bottom line for me is that I want the doctor or attorney who did his or her own work to get through school.


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