Friday, February 28, 2014

A curious development in the wake of Epinions' demise...

Many of the folks who were regular contributors on have now gathered in a Facebook group.  Wow… what an amazing community.  There is so much talent there.  There are people there who were regular posters before I started in 2003 and have come back to mingle.

One guy was a popular poster early in the day.  Turns out he's a clinical professor of geriatrics… or at least he was… at a university on the west coast.  He ended up moving to Alabama with his partner, who ended up getting sick and dying.  This professor and physician would write on Epinions to process things, but he had an alter ego and was very creative.  His next (and current) partner turned out to be a musician who got the doctor involved in music and it looks like a new career was born.

One guy, who used to work at Epinions, is starting a new review site.  It's a blog so far, but who knows?  It could turn into something else.  I'm not sure if I will participate or not, since I've been putting my stuff here, where there aren't any "community standards".  But really, it's incredible how many awesome folks have come together thanks to Epinions and Facebook.  Some people I haven't talked to online or off or seen in years are showing up.  It's pretty cool, even if it is very sad.

Things are looking up.  An old friend from my hometown noticed my plaintive posts this week and sent me a nice message of support.  I look forward to new sheets arriving today… and wine.  I realize I am lucky, even though it seems like a bunch of stuff is not the way I want it to be.  Of course, that realization kind of makes me feel worse about the way I've been feeling lately.  I know things could be much worse and I need to get over myself.  

Anyway, at least it's Friday.  Maybe I'll find something quirky to write about.  I already have an idea for DungeonOfThePast that involves crappy Mormon PSAs.


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