Monday, January 27, 2014

Zane's tummy troubles...

So Monday got started with the sound of Zane throwing up in the corner.  I'm not sure what made him sick, but it took him awhile to settle down.  He's been snoozing in his bed for the past couple of hours, but hasn't had his breakfast.  I'm hoping he's feeling better now.  I hate it when my dogs don't feel well.

I wrote two more travel blog posts, but for some reason, not all of my pictures are easy to find on my computer.  I uploaded some more pictures to Facebook so I could save them to my hard drive, but now Facebook is acting weird.  So it's been kind of a frustrating morning.

It's very windy outside and I see our umbrella got broken, probably from falling over.

Bill has to visit a nephrologist today because he has hyponatremia and hypertension.  They want to see if his low salt levels are related to his kidney function.  I think it's really because the doctor is curious and doesn't have to worry about billing an insurance company.  I'm getting caught up on some of the housework that didn't get done while we were gone.

Yep, hard to believe a week ago, we were in Spain…  How quickly life gets back to normal.


  1. I hope both Zane and the Lt. Col. are ok.

  2. They are. Zane's stomach calmed down at about noon and Bill was diagnosed with SIADH.


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