Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why should I care if this guy starves himself to death?

And finally, here's a post on the idiot in Utah who has decided not to eat until Utah nullifies its recent decision to allow same-sex marriages.  I first read about Trestin Meacham on RfM, when someone posted a link to a news story about his crusade to end gay marriage.  Meacham is reportedly subsisting on water and the odd vitamin in his bid to get legislators to act.  He has apparently lost 25 pounds since beginning his hunger strike on December 21, 2013.

Personally, I think hunger strikes are stupid.  However, I guess if you feel the need to stop eating in order to make a point, you have that right.  It seems kind of counterintuitive to me to stop eating in order to win an argument, though.  What happens when you don't eat?  You get dizzy and tend to make irrational decisions.  You get weaker and your body eventually starts to consume itself.  Once you lose your fat reserves, your health begins to suffer and eventually you will die.

Now, the vast majority of Americans are in no danger of starving to death.  I doubt that Trestin will die from his efforts to get Utah lawmakers to nullify the same-sex marriage ruling.  But regardless of whether his actions bring results, why should I care if he stops eating?  Hunger strikes are only effective if someone gives a shit.  I don't, and I have noticed that a lot of my friends don't, either.  In fact, quite a few of them have invited Trestin to starve himself to death.  More than a few have noted that his strike is, in fact, Darwinism at work.

Trestin claims that this strike is not about being disrespectful to homosexuals.  He adds that he has many gay friends and always treats them with love, kindness, and respect.  But he thinks this gay marriage shit signifies a government running amok and he also claims that Utah's decision to allow gay marriage tramples on his religious freedoms.  Okay, then…

Well, I suppose hunger striking has gotten Trestin Meacham's name out there for the masses.  We'll see what ultimately ends his strike… or if any politicians care enough about this man's dwindling body mass index to frantically overturn Utah's decision to allow same-sex marriages.  It's my guess he'll have to stop the strike at some point and I doubt it will be because he gets what he's striking for.  Because really, why should we give a shit?

Seems like a bright guy like him could come up with a better way to fight gay marriage if that's an issue that affects him so greatly.  I don't happen to agree with his stance on gay marriage, but I support his right to fight for what he believes in.  I just think self-imposed starvation is a stupid way to go about effecting change.


  1. What a weirdo! Starving himself in order to psychologically blackmail lawmakers into restricting other people being able to marry someone they love... That's pretty messed up to me. Let him not eat cake, I say! :o)

    1. Well, since Utah has stopped gay marriages for the time being, he's probably eating again… But I think he'll have to fast again soon.

  2. My pseudouncle says it's just like a child holding his breath until he turns purple in order to get his way except that a parent actually cares somewhat as to whether or not his or her child turns purple (not that it's a good reason to give in to the child), whereas the public in general isn't terribly concerned about whether or not this guy starves himself to death.

    Pseudouncle's father said that Sonia Johnson (excommunicated feminist and ERA supporter) announced a fast when Orrin Hatch was going to filibuster in relation to the ERA. While I agree retroactively with her cause, I didn't think a hunger strike was a mature way to handle a filibuster. I don't think filbustering should be a part of our government, anyway, but saying "I'm going to deprive myself of food and water until you shut up, and if I die it's all your fault" is not the way a reasonable person responds to such tactics.

    1. It was a very effective tactic in Ireland, or so Bill tells me… but in Ireland, shame is (or was) a big deal. I saw another article today that reported this guy broke his fast with frozen yogurt.

      He's lucky the Supreme Court got involved so quickly. I'm certain that had nothing to do with his ridiculous hunger strike.


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