Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tomorrow is the big day...

We are going to attempt to go somewhere this weekend.  My guess is that we will end up in Germany, but we could end up somewhere else.  I'm hoping it works out because I want to get out of here.

At the same time, I think another one of my molars might be cracked.  I notice the last molar on the left bottom side of my mouth is now sensitive.  I guess it's just the process of getting older and having old dental work that needs to be redone.  But I really don't feel like starting the dental drama again.  I guess I'll be focusing on beautifying my mouth in the spring, just as I did in the fall of 2013.

Last night, Bill and I were eating dinner and he said that the conference he's been working on all week has been going well.  One of the generals told him that his reputation is very solid, while another told him it was a shame he has to retire, since he's really done a great job turning around the state partnership program he's been working on here in San Antonio.  Hopefully, that will translate into someone finding a position for him… although more often than not, Bill ends up finding his own work.  I'm very proud of him, though.  Which leads me to my next topic…

I just finished reading Shanna Hogan's book about Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander.  I will be adding this book to my ExMormon Lit. list, as well as a link to my fresh Epinions review.  However, before I do that, I just want to say that reading about Travis Alexander really drives home the reality that things are not always as they look.  Although Travis Alexander was brutally murdered and didn't deserve to be, he is also often portrayed as this "really great guy".  However, the evidence points to the fact that he wasn't really so great.  Jodi Arias is bat shit crazy, but Travis Alexander apparently didn't mind having sex with her, despite his devout Mormon convictions.  She probably felt used and disrespected by a guy who, by all appearances, seemed to be above reproach.

I am actually kind of familiar with this phenomenon.  Bill's ex wife had similar complaints about him… that he didn't really love her.  She apparently felt "used" and disrespected, even though Bill had married her and did his best to make things work with her.  She repeatedly told him she knew he didn't love her.  She was often enraged by him and on more than one occasion, threatened his life.  As it turned out, Bill probably didn't love her… and I can't blame her for feeling upset about that.  However, being disrespected or feeling "used" by someone does not justify brutally murdering them.  After reading about Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander, I feel all the more grateful that Bill got out of that relationship alive.

Women who are suffering from Cluster B personality disorders can be very dangerous.  If you read true crime stories or watch shows like Snapped, you quickly realize that unbalanced women can be deadly under the right circumstances.  I don't know that Jodi Arias was going to kill someone regardless, but the conditions seemed perfectly suited for her to "snap" with rage.  I'm grateful that she is in prison where she belongs and that no other man will be victimized by her.  At the same time, I wish Travis had used the right head when he got involved with her.  From what I read, he was also very manipulative and deceitful in his dealings with Jodi Arias.

Anyway, after tomorrow, I may not be blogging as much because I will hopefully be out of the country.  But when I get back, I'm sure my travel blog will be getting a lot of attention.


  1. Good luck on your trip. My military relatives travel that way. It seems so unusual to me. I plan things for months in advance before I go anywhere. If you have access to the form of tranportation that you do, it would be insane not to take advantage of it. I hope your tooth doesn't bother you on your trip.

    My feelings toward Travis Alexander are similar to yours. he wasn't a great guy. At the very least he was leading a double life. Jodi arias had no right to pklay judge and jury, and he certainly deserved neither a death sentence nor the manner of death he suffered. To pretend he was something he wasn't, on the other hand, is silly and pointless.

    Bill's ex sounds scary. I'm glad you're both free of her, though I would continue to lock my doors at night, as batshit crazy people don't usually spontaneously convert to sanity.

    1. Well, now it looks like we might try to go to the Azores instead of Germany. We have several reasons for this. One big reason is that the flight leaves early Saturday morning instead of Saturday night. That means we'll get to our destination on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning. We have never been to Portugal, either, and Azores usually has onward flights later in the week. That could mean a stop in Naples or Souda Bay in Greece. We may still go to Germany, but I think The Azores are more likely.

      As I read that book about Travis Alexander, I really got the sense that he was an ass. But he really didn't deserve to die the way he did.

      Bill's ex is definitely scary. Fortunately, she's also a dipshit and a coward, so she doesn't bother us anymore. Still, there are a lot of similarities between her and Jodi Arias. Bill has noted it, too.


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