Friday, January 3, 2014

Super creepy doctor...

I don't generally like visiting physicians if I can help it.  I'm especially glad I don't live in Pensacola, Florida and never saw Dr. Brian M. Lee, a general practitioner who was busted trying to arrange sex with a 14 year old boy yesterday.  A friend of mine on Facebook lives near Pensacola and shared this man's photo and the accompanying news story.

What's really creepy about this is that I did some checking and it looks like this guy doesn't tend to get very good reviews from his patients.  More than one person has commented on his lack of people skills, roughness, and general unprofessionalism.  And yet he's a board certified physician who apparently has been treating people since he graduated medical school in 1995.  He went to a pretty good school, too.  I mean, I've always heard that the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor was a good school, right?

I think if I were a patient… hell, especially if I had a child who had seen this man… I'd be freaking out right now.  I did a brief check of Escambia County's court records and it looks like he's been in a lot of trouble over the years.  I wonder how it is that he owned a practice and managed to maintain a clientele when he's been accused of the unthinkable and apparently freaked out a lot of people even before he got arrested for soliciting sex from a minor.

It really drives home how important it is to Google the people who are providing your medical care.  For more on Dr. Lee and his ickiness, check out these health grades he got on and  The comments are pretty telling.  

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