Thursday, January 23, 2014

Still in Rota until the wee hours of tomorrow morning...

I'm holed up in our lodging because I feel no need to go walking around Rota right now.  Maybe we'll go out in search of lunch in a bit.  We have a show time of 00:10 for a flight back to the USA early tomorrow morning.  It stops in Bangor, Maine with a stop at Whiteman AFB.  That will probably put us in Missouri at an odd time of day, but it'll be a good place to get off.  Then we'll rent a car, drive to Kansas City, and get a flight to San Antonio.  With luck, we'll be home Saturday.

There is another flight that has a show time of 5:55, but it originates in Turkey and by the time it gets to Bangor, Maine for fuel, the crew will need rest.  That will mean we'd be stuck in Maine or taking a complicated and potentially expensive series of commercial flights to Texas.

I read a post on RfM by a woman who is frustrated because she got divorced from her Mormon husband when she stopped believing in the church.  She's having trouble finding a new man, even though she's just 30.  In an attempt to be supportive, I related about how I found Bill online.  I wasn't looking for love at the time, but it happened.  I realize I might have been lucky, but others had given me the advice to live my life for me.  I think it's good advice, actually.  I did find a man when I least expected it;  but the point is, I wasn't looking.

A rather embittered poster in her 40s who has not had the experience I have contends that it's wrong to tell people that the right person will come along.  I guess I agree... My point was more that it's best to get on with your life and stop worrying about when Mr. Right will come along.

Now... This poster who admits to being "bitter" and in her 40s may still be single because she is bitter.  Bitterness isn't all that attractive.  And finding a love interest is a mutual project.  You aren't shopping for someone for you.  You and the other person are each looking for a partner, so there has to be compromise.  Of course, I don't think people ought to "settle" just to have someone as a partner.  That is usually a recipe for disaster.  But I do think that the spouse shopping mindset is what gets people in trouble and it may be why the poster who thought my (and other people's) advice is bad is still single, bitter, and lonely.

Find someone to be friends with.  Live your life.  Follow your interests and passions. That's when you may find someone of a like mind who wants to be your partner or spouse...

That being said, I never dated much before Bill.  And yet, I managed to find an awesome guy anyway.  Go figure.


  1. I thin you're 100% on the mark. I don't intend to devote much if any time to looking for a man. If he comes along, great. If he doens't, chances are that I wouldn't have found him anyway if I'd wasted time looking for him.

  2. Well, when it comes down to it, you enter and leave this world alone.


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