Sunday, January 19, 2014

Seville... As beautiful as I remember it...

We got here just before 4pm after a very pleasant train ride.  It appears there are few Americans here, though we've seen lots of Asians.  Bill and I were hungry, so we had a big meat dish for two.  Then later, after walking around some, we had tapas and wine.  Eating and drinking is cheap here.

I love Europe and Seville is one of my favorite cities.  But... I have to admit missing my dogs and my computer.  I think it's time to get a laptop.

I have a feeling Bill will love Seville as much as I do very soon.


  1. Who is caring for your dogs in your absence?

    1. They are at Camp Bow Wow in San Antonio. I think I wrote them up on the travel blog.


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