Monday, January 13, 2014

Puking, exhaustion, and the best pizza I've had in a long while...

Bill and I spent most of yesterday resting.  After we got our room, we ate lunch at the ubiquitous bowling alley (there's one on most military installations) and then Bill went to sign up for another flight (home).  I promptly got into a coughing fit, probably a combination of cough variant asthma, acid reflux, and remnants of the flu.  The coughing made me puke up lunch, which was just as well, since it was stuff I shouldn't have eaten anyway.

The toilet in our room flushes scary slowly and seems weak.  I was afraid I was going to clog up the toilet when I hurled.  I know... TMI.

I fell asleep for about five hours or so and didn't feel like dressing.  So we watched AFN and saw a cheesy film from Christmas on base.  I recognized a woman from our flight on it.  I guess Lajes is a place where one can easily end up on TV.

Later, we ordered pizza and it was delicious.  The cheese was especially good and I am not a cheese person, really.  Turns out The Azores are well known for excellent cheese.  Figures, given all the cows that live here.  Today, we may try to go to town or something, since most everything is closed on Mondays.

We also had wine... Very dry, tart wine...  Will take getting used to.


  1. It makes sense that they'd have good cheese in Lajes because Terceira is the dairy island. My godfather knows how to make cheese, although he doesn't often make it because it's just something he does for fun. They sell basically everything the cows produce, including quite a bit of the manure even. Some people will buy anything.

    I'm glad your toilet didn't clog.

  2. It hasn't yet. I finally fell asleep after a few wide awake hours in the dark. Now getting up and will venture out.

  3. I hope you're beginning to grow accustomed to the wine.

    I've led a very sheltered life. I didn't realize that there were people running more or less loose who were so crazy.


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