Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In Rota...

We got here by bus this afternoon.  Walked all the way from the bus station to lodging and have the bruises on my shoulders to prove it.  Rota is a very cute town by the Mediterranean Sea and very close to Morocco.  There is a Naval base here and we will attempt to pick up a flight to the USA here within the next day or two.

We are in Navy lodging, which isolates us somewhat.  But we did manage a walk into town for lunch.  The weather is nice here.  It also seems to be true that the Navy has better shit than the Army does.

I decided I needed to post here because I couldn't take the America bashing a German friend of mine insists on engaging in on a regular basis.  She is basically a great person, but she's married to an American soldier and apparently, that has caused her to sacrifice her happiness because to be with him, she has to live in America.  So she regularly bitches about America and Americans and her consortium of German expat friends chime in and join the chorus of complaints.  But they mostly all married Americans, too.  The funny thing is, this friend doesn't like it when she hears American expats in Germany bash her country.

Seems to me if you're that miserable and have the choice to live in Europe where things are supposedly so much better, you should just get a divorce and go home. Either that, or get a fucking grip and learn to make things work.  I hate to sound so bitchy, but I'm on the rag and don't have the choice to live in Europe.  I have to go back to America and make it fucking work for me.

These folks were complaining about how school gets cancelled or delayed so much in the States. When I explained that they close school for safety reasons, I got a lecture about how not being able to drive in snow and ice is no excuse because in Germany, people do it.  Okay... But Germany gets a lot more snow than the southern states do.  And you can't practice driving in snow if you never get it.  Then one of them made an insulting crack about how the school cancellations are why southerner are so uneducated/dumb.  I am a southerner and I'm neither dumb nor uneducated.  I also know how to drive in snow... Or, at least I've done it without crashing on more than a few occasions.

Anyway, I don't have the strength to deal with the stupidity tonight.  


  1. I'm not on FB because my mom dealt with so many problems as a school administratoror that were related first to Myspace and then to Facebook that she offered my brother and me each 5 grand if we would not open pages until we turned 21. I don't think Matthew has had a page, and I haven't. Five thousand dollars is a lot of money even if I won't get it for almost two years. I do look on my pseudoaunt's page, though, and she has given me her password so that I can look as long as I don't post anything, and I respect the privilege she's given me by not posting anything.

    Pseudoaunt has a friend who is I think from Switzerland but it might be Germany. Anyone can say they are anything on FB, so who knows what the guy's real story is, but he was supposedly some high-powered engineer until he lost his job for bogus reasons and now works as a security guard. The guy is always complaining about the US and how superior Eurpose is in every conceivable way. I'm sorely tempted to respond by asking the guy what he's doing here when the motherland is so clearly superior in every way, but obviously I don't since it's not even my FB page. The odd thing is that he loves to criticize the pres. so he's aligned himself with pseudoaunt's right-wing friends who make a life's work out of criticizing Obama, yet his position is 180 degrees from where their positions are, as he's a pretty solid socialist. I think he knows that he and the people with whom he has aligned himself aren't REALLY aligned, but I don't think the right-wingers have a clue. They think he's one of them. It's fun to observe. Pseudoaunt rarely respinds to anything political becaue she thinks no one is going to change anyone's political point of view on Facebook. she is sometimes bothered by the imigrant's uSA-bashing, but she lets it go.

  2. $5,000 not to go on Facebook is a very sweet deal. It spares you a lot of BS, too. I have found it to be a mixed bag.


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