Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Lisbon...

We had a very nice flight out of Lajes.  The aircraft was a large Airbus 330 and the flight wasn't full.  We were not charged extra  to check bags and a small lunch and wine was included.  The lunch was actually edible and quite nice.  I'm a fan of TAP now.

We are at the Hotel Tivoli Oriente.  I have booked a cheap flight to Madrid for Friday and we plan to go to Seville from there.

We found a nice dinner that had vegetables in it and wasn't fast food.  I'm sure my body will now revolt.

Last night, Bill and I enjoyed a roll in the sheets.  My hair was wet and the next morning, it was all matted.  Leave it to me to get bed head after sex.

We overheard some English speaking guy use the f word as we left the restaurant where we ate dinner.  It never fails.

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