Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hope to rent a car today...

Then we will decide if and when to fly to mainland Europe.  The problem with staying here in Lajes is that if we leave on the hop back to the States, we won't use all of Bill's leave.  And we like being in Europe too much to do that.  Also, we're in a prime position to see mainland Portugal and Spain.  the Navy has a good sized terminal in Rota, which is not far from Seville.

Bill has not been to Madrid or Seville and I haven't been since 1997.  I am partial to Seville and I think Bill would love it.

We could also decide to go elsewhere in Europe because it might be a problem to get on Rota, since we aren't based there.

I am hoping we find a decent restaurant today.  I've had my fill of junk food.


  1. In my opinion, whether you choose between Madrid and Seville, he will surely love it because they're both a great place to go for a vacation. I hope you were able to rent a car for the trip to make getting around that much easier.


    1. Hi Michaele,

      We ended up going to both Madrid and Seville, as well as Lisbon. Thanks for the comment.


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