Monday, January 20, 2014

Full day...

First off, we may be delayed getting home.  This morning, there was no flight going out from Rota to the US.  Then there was one, but it was going to Germany, then Bangor, Maine, then Tacoma, Washington.  And we'd have to be there very early Wednesday morning.  So Bill is going to extend his leave so we can try for a different flight.

He was all stressed about this turn of events, so we went to a hammam.  We got massages and hung out in several pools for awhile.  Then we had lunch and took a carriage ride.  I managed to tell our driver, who spoke only Spanish, that I used to have a horse.  So he let me pet his mare, Rosilla, and took photos.  Glad I was wearing black.

I miss horses...

Bill is starting to stress about going home now.  Must ply him with wine.


  1. I love horses and think they're beautiful, but I'm not very good a riding them. My mom is good at it, but I never got over being nervous. My Uncle Ralph has one horse that I trust enough to ride, but mostly I just pet the horses and feed them treats.

  2. I'm glad the Lieutenant Colonel was able to extend his leave. In a job like his, it must be stressful to worry about such things.

  3. He hasn't extended yet. He sent a note asking to, but yesterday was MLK Day. Moreover, the flight that was going to the US isn't anymore.

  4. Horses were once a big part of my life. I spent years taking lessons and showing them.


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