Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Flamenco shawl...

I had been wanting one of those beautiful silk flamenco shawls ever since my last visit in 1997.  I wanted one I saw in Barcelona in 2009, but it was expensive.  I came home with a silk scarf instead.  On this visit, I was determined...

So yesterday, while on a pharmacy run for feminine hygiene supplies (I can now compare Italian and Spanish brands of maxi pads), Bill and I stopped by one of Seville's ubiquitous shawl stores and I bought a beautiful turquoise silk shawl.  It was on sale, to boot.  I didn't want a cheap one and am proud to admit I didn't succumb to the urge to buy one.

Yesterday was a tough day for Bill, as we were accosted by Roma women trying to scam/pickpocket us as we walked near the cathedral.  Will write more about this incident when I get home.  Suffice to say, it shook Bill up.

We're headed to Rota today to see if we can catch a flight out of here soon.


  1. I've heard that encounters of the roma kind happen, but they haven't happened before to anyone i know. Hope nothing too bad happened.

  2. We ran into Roma women in Greece, too. They are very annoying. Nothing bad came of either encounter, except Bill's visit to Seville's lovely cathedral was spoiled because he was shook up by the creepy encounter. They were trying to rip us off. I was annoyed, but Bill got angry and it took him some time to cool down.


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