Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bristol Palin… keep your legs crossed and your mouth shut!

I have a shameful confession to make.  In 2008, when John McCain brought Sarah Palin into the public consciousness, I was actually impressed.  My first opinions of Sarah Palin were favorable.  But then as time went on, I lost more and more respect for her.

By the time I saw this video called "Mama Grizzlies", I realized I couldn't stand Sarah Palin or her politics.  Bristol Palin was, at around that time, a pregnant teenager.  While I certainly don't condone teen pregnancy, I didn't think ill of her… until it became clear that she was going to use her mother's VP bid, her pregnancy, and the son that resulted from it to propel herself into some sort of relevance.  She showed her ass on Twitter and TV on her very own ridiculous reality TV show, Life's a Tripp.  As far as I know, that show didn't last very long.

So now Bristol Palin is opining about Wendy Davis and the truths that have surfaced about Wendy Davis's fudged life story.  I gotta say, Bristol Palin has some big nerve addressing Wendy Davis and her life choices.  Wendy Davis worked her way to the top and legitimately earned her way into Harvard Law.  Yes, she left her daughters behind so she could go to school, but she graduated in 1993.  She stayed married to her ex husband, Jeff Davis, until 2005.  And while Jeff Davis may have paid her loans, there's no question that Wendy Davis worked and contributed to the marriage.  If she hadn't, she wouldn't be where she is today.  Moreover, people who are married pool their resources.  Bristol wouldn't know about that, though, because she is an unwed mother.

Now, I'm not picking on unwed mothers at all.  I know quite a few of them and most of them are doing fine for themselves.  But I do think that if you have the nerve to shame someone for not living up to your idea of "conservative family values", you ought not be preaching from the standpoint of a teenager who got knocked up.  By most peoples' standards, Bristol Palin grew up privileged.  Had she not had premarital teenaged sex with Levi Johnston, she probably could have gone through college and finished with minimal debt and then made something legitimate of herself.  Instead, Bristol is riding her mother's coattails and speaking out about issues she clearly knows nothing about.  In her open letter to Wendy Davis, Bristol points out that her mother was the Governor of Alaska.  Yes, Bristol, but your mom didn't stay the course, did she?  She resigned her office.  So much for responsibility.  So glad Sarah Palin was never our Vice President.  What an embarrassment.

Wendy Davis, by contrast, was legitimately poor when she was Bristol's age.  She clawed her way out of poverty, got an education, became a lawyer and a Senator, and now stands a chance of being the Governor of Texas.  Moreover, Wendy Davis's now grown daughters are standing by their mom.  I shudder to think what poor Tripp Johnston is going to be dealing with as he comes of age.  He may have a very traumatic upbringing fraught with a lot of teasing and embarrassment.

Simone Sanner of Americans Against the Tea Party had this to say about Bristol Palin's bullshit posting.  I think Sanner pretty much gets it right, though her "open letter" is pretty full of piss and vinegar.

I don't consider myself conservative or liberal.  I am for fairness and common sense.  But when I read drivel by someone like Bristol Palin directed at someone like Wendy Davis, I just shake my head.  

Yes, of course, Bristol Palin is entitled to her opinion, but so is everyone else.  And my opinion is that she'd be wise to STFU about politics and concentrate on seeing that her young son doesn't make the mistakes his mother (and frankly, his father) have made.  I think she'd be wise to focus on getting an education so she can support her son and, if she insists of being a conservative poster child, not getting knocked up again.  These are real life goals she should have.  As the mother of a young son she irresponsibly conceived as a teenager, she needs to focus on her own life and that of her son's.  She has no business trying to school people who have already been where she is and have flourished.

As the child of a politician, Bristol should know that politics is a dirty and often pretty classless business.  There will be plenty of mud flung among the candidates without more non-sensical crap from from her.

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