Friday, January 3, 2014

Borrowing trouble...

I have a bad habit of "borrowing trouble".  I think of all the bad things that can happen and worry about them.  This morning, at about 3:30 am, Zane woke up and needed to puke.  I had a hard time getting back to sleep once he was done barfing, so I picked up my iPad and started reading the news.  I read a piece on a sleazy property management company in Dallas that regularly screwed over its tenants.

I started thinking about how much I hate the property managers that manage the house we live in and how I dread being screwed over by them.  That led to my thinking about Bill's looming retirement and worrying about what his prospects for future employment are.  Then I started worrying about my own prospects, given that I have been an "overeducated housewife" for so long that I doubt my graduate degrees would be anything but a liability in today's job market.

In all actuality, there are reasons why I shouldn't fret so much.  We now live in a city that is very military friendly and housing costs are somewhat low, especially given the fact that there's supposedly a lot of work here.  We're paid ahead on our car loan and my student loans.  The car loan will be paid off next month.  Bill has a good reputation and there are folks who are actively wanting to help him get a job.  He's also going to have a retirement pension and is getting trained in a hot field-- computer security.  But still, it's hard to ignore all the scary news about the economy…

So now I have this free-floating anxiety about the future.  I really shouldn't read the news.  Either that, or I should try to be more proactive about preparing for the future.  Even so, I realize that our situation is not as dire as it could be.  At least we have a little money saved and thanks to retirement, we will never be truly destitute.  But transition is always scary.    


  1. Transition has to be scary, not that I would know from personal experience, as the only thing I've personally transitioned from, other than transitioning from one key to another, was from one school to the next school.

    In a worst-case scenario, you could both substitute teach in CA, not that it's a fun job though it would pay bills, and would each earn an absolute MINIMUM of $125 every day, and you would work basically every school day that you wanted to work.

    I know that substitute teaching is one of the last things you or anyone sound of mind would ever want to do, but that's just one example of what have to be many worst-case scenarios. That's not even touching the best-case scenarios.

    If I were you I, too, would be having anxiety attacks and nightmares speaking of nightmares, (I had a really bad one last night) but the far greater likelihood is that things will work out well.

    1. Yeah, I know. Experience has taught me that the things I fear the most very rarely come to pass. Bill is as interested in maintaining our current lifestyle as I am, so that's a plus. I could be married to the male equivalent of his ex wife. The logical side of me keeps saying it will all be okay… but the worrywart neurotic side is fearful.


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