Saturday, December 28, 2013

The flu is kicking my...

substantial ass…

Since Christmas morning, I have been sick.  I've spent most of the last two days in bed.  I'm pretty sure Bill and I are among the latest swine flu victims… not that I've been to a doctor to see if that's what it is,  but in south Texas, about 95% of flu cases are H1N1.  I seem to feel best in the morning, when after I've cleared all the crap from my lungs and nose, I seem to have a surge of energy.  I also don't seem to be so feverish in the morning.  I did cough up some strange looking sputum, though…  

Right now, I'm feeling relatively okay after about 10 or 11 hours of sleep.  But I felt this way yesterday and by about 11:00am, I was back in bed with a fever.  So far, the highest temperature I've hit has been 102.7, which is pretty high for me.

I took some Advil and Tylenol the first day, when my temperature got really high and my teeth were aching.  But then as it came down, I started sweating like crazy.  So yesterday, I decided to just have a fever, since it wasn't making me feel that bad, other than needing to be under the covers.  I think that was the smarter thing to do, since fever is part of the body's way of fighting the microbes.  Besides, I sweat enough here in Texas.

Poor Bill has also been sick, though his illness has not been as bad as mine has been.  He happened to be peeing yesterday as I needed to vomit.  He finished just as I rushed into the bathroom and threw up what little was in my system.  Then he gave me a cool washcloth and my robe.  Such a sweetheart.

I don't bother with flu vaccines because I don't spend a lot of time around other people and Bill always gets them.  I think after this year, I might want to rethink that policy.  This flu has so far killed at least 13 people in Texas, including a teenager.  Besides, I would rather not get the flu.

I have managed to be somewhat functional, though… and even managed to finish reading a book yesterday.  In fact, I'm going to review it right here, since it's not in the Epinions database.  Stay tuned.


  1. That sounds miserable, Knotty! :( I hope the flu is on its way out and that you and Bill will feel better soon! Good to see you're head's feeling well enough to write a blog post. Good rest and kick that flu's butt right back out! :)

    1. Thanks Smorg. I don't get sick that often, but when I do, I do it right. I think my morning energy surge is about tapped out, though. It may be time to go back to bed, even though we went to sleep pretty early last night and slept for about 10 or 11 hours.


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