Thursday, December 19, 2013

Party foul...

Last night, Bill and I attended an "open house"/party at his boss's house.  Bill's boss is a colonel.  He's a really nice man.  I thought so before I attended his party and I especially think so now.

We walked into his home and I was amazed by how gorgeous it was.  The colonel's wife is from Brazil, I think… and she has very good taste.  The whole place was decked out with foliage, lights, and an enormous Christmas tree with white lights and white decorations.  They had beautiful furniture and music played over the sound system.  The kitchen was enormous and had an awesome five burner gas cooktop and dual ovens.  A huge granite island stood in the middle and there were big windows that opened over what appeared to be a nice view over Bulverde.

Things were going fine at first… but then I went to get some red wine.  I was going to go out on the deck to check out the view when I happened to bump into the colonel's big white couch.  Some of the red wine splashed onto the white upholstery.  I was instantly mortified and, of course, not believing what I just did.

I sheepishly tapped the boss on the shoulder and showed him what I did… and he grabbed some clean towels and white wine, which somehow lifted the stain so that it was almost invisible.  Later, Bill and I chatted with him and I was impressed by how nice and down to earth he is.  I like his wife, too.  She seems very nice and is quite lovely.  She's tall and thin and wore a short red dress with impossibly high heels.  At first, I thought she hadn't zipped up the back of her dress, but it turned out that was how the dress was designed.

One of the other guys said that the boss had a party about six months ago and people totally trashed his house.  They were putting their feet on the table and spilling stuff.  I felt a little less guilty after that.

Bill and I also talked to an exMormon guy and his girlfriend, who I think are engaged now.  They were out on the deck smoking and were really interesting to chat with.  The guy is a returned missionary who speaks Portuguese and once taught at the Missionary Training Center in Provo.  They are fellow dog lovers who now attend a Buddhist temple!

The boss's two dogs were crated together outside and were surprisingly well-behaved.  My dogs would have been freaking out.

All in all, I had a very nice time last night.  I like the people Bill works with now.  I can't say that's always been the case.  But many of the guys in Bill's office are foreign area officers who have married women from Central and South America and I seem to fit in better with them, for some reason.

In other news, it appears that Debby Boone will be on Oprah's Where Are They Now? on Sunday.  Since I'm fascinated by all things Boone, I may actually tune in.


  1. I'll watch the boone thing as well.

    I worked the last two days and will work tomorrow as well. at the end of the week i should be $480 richer before taxes. I'm officially making so little that I'll probably not have to pay any income taxes this year. (Yipee!) I don't have any taxes taken out of my earning s because I have enough money in the bank to pay it, so i'd rather have all of my money up front and earn interest on it.

    I'm glad no one made a big deal out of the minor wine spill. The boss was probably just glad you pointed it out quickly enough that it could be dealt with, as opposed to leaving it for him to find much after the fact.

  2. I'm glad you have the chance to make some cash. Sounds like you are smart about what to do with it.

    Yeah... I figured it was nicer to say something about the wine... And he has a kid and dogs, so it's probably not the first time he's dealt with stains.


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