Saturday, December 14, 2013

My friend Tommy the dog...

If you've been reading this blog, you may know that about a year ago, I lost an adorable beagle/basset hound mix to cancer.  MacGregor was a dear member of our family and we still miss him a year later.  However, in the wake of his passing, MacGregor brought us some good things.  One thing is Arran, a dog we adopted from Tribeagles, a beagle rescue in North Carolina.  We also made several new human friends, including Arran's "foster" parents, Bruce and Sarah, and my friend Susi and her husband, Brandon, who like Bill and I are a military couple.

When I made a memorial Facebook page for MacGregor, Susi joined it and expressed condolences.  I didn't know at the time that she was a foster mom for one of Tribeagle's dogs, an adorable senior beagle mix named Tommy.  When I expressed an interest in adopting Arran, she was very helpful by serving as a reference.  I also like Susi because she's very cool… and German, too!

Anyway, Susi and Brandon went on to adopt Tommy and he proceeded to charm the dickens out of me on the couple of occasions I got to meet him.  He has a big, booming bark, loves food and people, and isn't afraid to sit up and beg for your cast offs.  Whenever he barks, he makes Arran and Zane howl.  He also loves to go swimming!

Unfortunately, Tommy has had some significant health issues lately.  Susi and Brandon have spent a lot of money trying to save him from what they initially thought was an autoimmune disease but turned out to be a mass in his spleen.  Over the past few months, Tommy has had to be hospitalized and has undergone two surgeries, to include removing his spleen and an abscess that developed after the first surgery.  Naturally, all of this veterinary care has left Tommy and his humans with some big bills.  

I am writing about this in hopes that perhaps one of the lurking souls out there in Internet land might like to donate a few bucks towards Tommy's big vet bills.  Susi and Brandon consider this dog their "kid" and have done so much to help him… and having met Tommy myself, I can say that he truly is worth every cent.  I have myself donated, as have many other generous people.  A lot has already been collected and Susi and Brandon have made progress toward covering the expense of caring for Tommy, but there's still a need for more funds.  No donation is too small.    

I wouldn't ordinarily make a plea for money like this, but Bill and I have been in the unenviable position of having to get expensive veterinary care for our rescued beagles.  Unfortunately, in our case, the veterinary care for was ultimately for naught.  Tommy, on the other hand, can recover.  Susi and Brandon have given him the chance to live when many other people might have chosen to euthanize him. 

If you'd like to read more about Tommy and what's been going on with him, please click the link.

Tommy and Arran last spring at Susi's house.  She threw a German Grillfest and we had a ball!

Tribeagles at Susi's house after the Grillfest… My Arran and Zane are there, as is Tommy!

Zane and Arran react to Tommy's video...


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