Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm in a goofy mood...

After a couple of emotional days, I'm feeling offbeat today…  In fact, I was feeling so nutty that I decided to sing Sheena Easton's vulgar hit, "Sugar Walls".  If you are interested in hearing the campy results, I invite you to have a look at Dungeon Of The Past.  I had some fun with the song in all its cheesy glory.

I know there are any number of important topics I could be ranting about this morning.  For some reason, I'm feeling kind of apathetic today.  Yesterday, my molar was really bugging me and thinking about it and the fact that it needs to be crowned made me feel worse.  I ended up drinking lots of bubbly to take my mind off the slightly dull ache that is enough to drive me (and probably Bill) to battiness.

I managed to get a good portion of my Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop.  There may be a couple more presents I buy for my mother-in-law and Bill, but basically, I'm done.  That's the nice thing about living far from family and opting out of gatherings.  It makes Christmas shopping easier and cheaper.

Bill and I were discussing once again what we should do next year.  If we plan to stay here, we should probably start looking for our next place to live.  If we're going abroad, it's time to start trying to make plans for where…  He needs a new suit.  I got him a $100 gift card for Saks Fifth Avenue, thanks to all the online shopping I do.  It might make a dent in the purchase of a suit or get him another dress shirt.  I got him some new clothes last year… shirts, ties, socks, and a new belt.  He needs a couple of suits, though.  Most of his dress clothes are from his ex wife's era and look it.

The other day, a JW left a pamphlet entitled "Can The Dead Really Live Again"?  I haven't read it yet. I often do read tracts and such, mainly because I find them hysterical.  In fact, I find a lot of religion laughable, especially since I had a run in with some exMormons the other day who apparently still miss the Priesthood and enjoy schooling the women folk.  

Here's an interesting video by a guy who dares to criticize TBN…  Happy viewing.

Maybe I'll blog more later, if I can summon up the ambition.

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