Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fridge full of sin...

Yesterday, we went to Spec's to pick up some beer.  We needed to get some Texas brews for a friend of ours in Georgia, who recently sent us some Georgia beers that we miss and can no longer get now that we live in Texas.  While we were there, I found myself picking up lots of exotic beers… probably because I knew we had plans to go out for Belgian food last night.  Bill looked a little nervous as I loaded us up.  Then I suggested we hit the Randolph AFB Class Six for more… maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon.  They actually have a surprisingly good beer selection there.

Spec's was very crowded yesterday.  As we were waiting in line, I spotted a chocolate orange and grabbed it.  Bill rolled his eyes and I said, "Aww… are you sorry you brought me?"

A guy behind us laughed as I added, "Your lips say 'no' but your eyes say 'yes'."

As we unloaded our haul at the cash register, the observant guy behind us said, "You guys look like you're having a party."  No… really, we just like good beer and we don't get to Spec's that often.

This is a Chimay gift pack, which has red, white, and blue Chimay and a souvenir glass…  I am partial to Chimay Blue.

Our fridge full of sin.  One of my friends asked me if I was on a liquid diet.  

Edited to add… we went by Randolph AFB and picked up more sin…

It occurred to me that she thought this was our only refrigerator.  We bought that fridge in Georgia because our landlords didn't have one in the house for us.  We used it in North Carolina because our landlord's fridge sucked.  In Texas, the fridge is okay, so this one now gets used as a beverage fridge.  It comes in handy when we go on beer runs.

On an unrelated note, God posted this on Facebook this morning.  Since the JWs typically visit us on Sundays, I figured this was very appropriate for today.  ETA:  Ten minutes after I wrote this, they knocked!

On another unrelated note, my cousin Sandi, who along with the rest of her family is a former JW, just had a baby girl yesterday.  Okay, she's really my first cousin once removed, since her dad is my first cousin.  Her sister, Kandy, had a baby girl on December 3, making her daughter almost exactly two years younger than her son, Sutton, is.  Sutton celebrated his second birthday on December 4.  So my cousin and his wife will have especially busy Decembers from now on, since all three of their grandchildren have birthdays within eleven days of each other.  

Another friend had a baby boy on December 6th.  And another just announced a pregnancy…  Makes me want to join in the fun.  It ain't happening though, because if I got pregnant, our fridge full of sin would probably stay full for a long time.


  1. I feel bad for people with December birthdays (my best friend just had her birthday yesterday). I think their day tends to get overlooked/rushed with all the holiday stuff. Even worse when your birthday is Dec. 24 or 25th. Might as well give up and just move any birthday festivities to January.

    1. I think you're right. When I was a kid, I thought people born on Christmas were lucky because surely they got more stuff, right? Not so. I feel lucky to have been born in June.

  2. I'm glad my birthday is as early in Dec. as it is (Dec 2). With it being so early, relatives correctly assumed they'd be thought of as cheapskates if they goave me a single gift for birthday and Christmas.

  3. I'm sure a lot of December babies get told their gifts are "high dollar" items, so they should count as birthday and Christmas presents. LOL… Since I once got a pony for my birthday, that would have sucked.


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