Sunday, December 22, 2013

Follow up to Musical Interlude...

This is the video from which yesterday's video was spawned…

I first saw this cheesy video a few years ago, when I read about it on a blog called Psychotic Letters From Men.  That blog has since stopped being updated, but the old and very entertaining posts are still there.  That's also where I first heard about Ricky Keyser and his crazy video directed toward his ex girlfriend, Kelsi.  Ricky's video went totally viral, but now I see he's managed to get it pulled down.

The star of today's video is a guy named Ben Ryan Metzger who made a totally cheesy film for his ex, Loren, who wisely dropped off the face of the earth.  He says he doesn't know why she dumped him, but to me it's pretty obvious.  He's a narcissistic control freak.  Interestingly enough, his last name means butcher in German.  It seems very appropriate that his last name refers to meat, since it appears that his head is full of it.

Love how he uses an 80s era power ballad as he runs around flexing his muscles, trying to look impressive…  Still, I know a lot of women think he's a hottie and would go back to him if he made them a video like that, even though the video is more about him and his body than it is about his "love" for Loren.

I'm feeling kind of icky today, so I think I'll leave today's post at that.

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