Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cooking failure...

I am usually a pretty damn good cook.  Unfortunately, I messed up today.  I made the crust and the filling for chicken pot pie, knowing that Bill would love it.  As the filling cooked, I noticed that it smelled a lot like mushrooms, a food I cannot eat.  It comes from a phobia plus I just hate the way they smell and taste… all earthy and shit.  Yuck.

I checked the vegetables I used.  Nope, no mushrooms.  Then I checked the chicken stock.  Lo and behold, there it was… Mushroom powder.  That's why I can smell and taste the nasty little fuckers.  Fortunately, Bill enjoys mushrooms, so he can eat the chicken pot pie.  I am going to suggest we use our individual pie maker so he can take them to work with him.  I, on the other hand, will have something else, lest I puke.  I am surprised that powder was so strong.


Bill uses the pie maker…  It's a handy little device that is way too easy to use.


  1. They look really good. I cannot stomach even the thought of eating mushrooms, either. I'm glad they won't go to waste. What did you eat?

  2. That's sweet. Homemade cheeseburgers are usually the best.

    1. Well, the one he made was actually from Trader Joe's. He usually makes them homemade, but we went to Trader Joe's and he bought some Kobe beef burgers. He was planning to cook them last night anyway, before my chicken pot pie inspiration. He's a darling man… I told him I'd be just as happy with something easy like a sandwich or mac n' cheese. ;-) And I could have made it myself.


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