Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where it hurts...


Poor Chi Chi Rodriguez got hit in the nuts while trying to do a trick with a golf ball.  Apparently, the golf ball didn't like being hit and hit the poor guy back.  While I'm sure it was painful to be hit where it hurts, I have to admit that this video made me laugh, mainly because of the way the crowd reacted when Rodriguez got nailed in the family jewels.

Suddenly, I was reminded of this classic clip from one of the best sitcoms of my childhood, WKRP in Cincinnati.  I wish they would put out DVDs of this show that aren't ruined by generic versions of the great songs they played back in the day…

Moving on, yesterday Alexis reminded me of an incident that occurred back in my college days.  I was a senior and lived alone in a dorm room during the fall semester.  I actually did have a roommate, but she was student teaching in her hometown, so she wasn't staying in the dorm.  One night, the fire alarm went off.  I was dead asleep and very annoyed at being roused in the wee hours of the morning.  It hadn't been the first or only time that semester and I was fed up.  The buildings at my college were mostly old and sometimes the alarms would go off for no reason or because of heavy rain.  So this one time, I decided not to go outside.

It was a dumb thing to do.  I waited and waited for them to turn off the fire alarm and it was taking longer than expected.  I started to worry a bit and wondered if I would get in trouble if I staggered outside.  I started hatching ideas about what to do if there was an actual fire.  In retrospect, I was an idiot, but they say your brain doesn't reach full capacity until you're about 25, right?  I was 21 at the time.

Anyway, the next morning, it was revealed that there was an actual fire in the building.  One of the bulletin boards on the second floor of our H shaped building had somehow caught on fire and the fire department actually did have to douse it.  The one time I decided to be a rebel and break the rules, there was a real fire.  I was never in any actual danger, since the fire was small and easily contained.  But I sure felt like a dumbass the next day when I found out there had been a real fire in my dorm and I had stayed inside.

Years later, when I went to grad school and lived on campus, I made sure to leave the building whenever the fire alarm went off.  And that happened pretty often, because people were forever burning their popcorn.  The fire alarm in that building was especially obnoxious.  It was a deafening buzz with a recorded announcement demanding that all residents leave the building via the stairs.  Since I lived on the eighth floor of a ten story building, it was a long way down.  Between the fire alarms and the train that passed about a hundred feet from the building and blasted its horn every damn day, it's a wonder I ever got any sleep.



  1. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Glad you didn't perish in the bulletin board fire.

    1. Yeah… that wasn't one of my brighter moments. I probably had a guardian angel that day. ;-)


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