Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trying to stay busy...

I managed to get a couple of articles done this morning, the laundry, and bathroom cleaning.  I'm in a reasonably decent mood, too… though I think I overdid it with hydrogen peroxide rinses because my teeth were a bit sensitive this morning.  Sorry to be so obsessed with my teeth.  I'm pretty distressed over them and wishing I had taken better care of them when I was a kid.

If I had a child, that would be one thing I would teach them… good oral hygiene!  I didn't start taking care of my teeth until I was about 16.  The UPS man brought me my new Waterpik today and I'll give it a try tonight.  He also brought me clove oil, which is supposed to be good for toothaches.  I don't have tooth pain right now.  It seems more like my gums are bugging me.

Dr. Phil is on OWN right now, reading some couple the riot act.  He's so condescending.  Sometimes his guests need some condescension, but this morning he's irking the hell out of me.  I guess Americans like guys who are big and strong, though, right?  Especially when they pander to women.



  1. My ,mom and I both detest dr. phil. sometimes i even agree with what he says, but the way he says it is most off-putting.

  2. Dr. Phil is often a jerk. Sometimes he's witty, though… and his guests can be interesting. I hate it when he lays down the law, though. He's so condescending and thuggish.

  3. The only time I've ever liked him was when he was really ugly to the lDS stake primary president/resident wack job from Anchorage who put hot sauce into her adopted Russian orphan's mouth and forced him into a cold shower. He could have beaten her up and i wouldn't have had any problem with it.


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