Sunday, December 1, 2013

Time for more doctrinal doo doo...

Apparently, Paul Crouch has passed through the pearly gates.

I will always remember him for the above video…

And this one…



  1. I'd like to watch both of the above videos, but my dad is hiking tomorrow and was having trouble sleeping, and I really don't want to make any noise that would wake him if he's finally dozed off. I'll watch the videos in the morning.

    I've seen my share of TBN footage, as my mom watched it mostly for the sake of amusement or sheer shock value when Matthew and I were toddlers. My memories of Paul and Jan weren't altogether un-fond, though I remember thinking I would have preferred that something else be on the TV at the time.

  2. They are only about 25 seconds each.

  3. I think TBN is great for comic relief. Your mom and I obviously have some similar tastes in a few things.


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