Sunday, November 17, 2013

The day after...

Bill and Arran (and Zane, who is buried under the covers)

I love waking up when it's not dark outside.  Bill and I had a lovely anniversary dinner last night, which I posted about on my travel blog.  We liked the food so much that we will be going back to that restaurant for Thanksgiving.

We spent most of yesterday together.  Bill brought home a bottle of my favorite champagne, Taittinger, which usually retails for about $40 a bottle.  I have tried Dom Perignon, which is much more expensive.  I think the extra money is lost on me, since I like Taittinger much better.

A photo of Taittinger, taken when we lived in Georgia.

Unfortunately, I decided I wanted to have strawberries with the champagne and a seed quickly got caught under my crown.  I think I managed to blast it out with my new Waterpik, but it wasn't without a couple of hours of pain and a little blood.  Next time, I will make a concerted effort to keep the strawberries on the side of the mouth without the new crown.  At least until that side gets the crown it needs.    

I gave Bill some of his favorite coffee from as a gift-- Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona Reserve.  I also made him his very own CD of my best cover efforts.  ;-)  Even though I know my husband is my biggest fan, I am always nervous about giving anyone recordings and assuming they would like them.  But it turns out he was moved by the gift and listened to it yesterday afternoon.

Bill gave me a painting.

The painting is called "Nuts".  It was painted by Jess Munro, wife of Bill's high school friend and local artist.  

I was delighted by this gift.  I saw it at a show Jess was doing at a winery in Comfort and it jumped off the wall at me.  I like quirky art that incorporates humor.  Given that we have two hounds who love squirrels, this seemed perfect… plus, no one ever denies that I am a nut.  Bill remembered that I liked the painting and arranged to buy it.  Perfect!  I feel good that Bill bought me something personal and one of a kind and helped support an artist who is also a friend.  Also, I was totally surprised.  I did not expect this gift at all!

All in all, it was a lovely anniversary.  Yes, I would rather be boarding Hebridean Princess today than sitting around in my nightie, but I really can't complain.  I have everything I need and can share it with someone I love very much.  I think I'm very lucky.  


  1. That is such a sweet photo of Lt. Col. and the pooches even though only one dog can be seen, and the picture of the squirrel is great.

    I like the Lt. Col.

    1. He is very easy to like. He's a great guy, despite what his ex and ex kids say about him. I think if you met him in person, you'd definitely like him.

  2. Happy belated Anniversary, Bill & Knotty! :oD You guys are cool! Sorry the strawberry didn't cooperate. Good thing you have the waterpik!

    1. I have a feeling that Waterpik will pay for itself.


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