Monday, November 25, 2013

Rainy weekend...

I just updated my list of exmo lit pt. 2.  I finished a book by a former BYU professor who was a convert and decided she'd rather be a biblical Christian.  I wasn't all that impressed with the book, but those who are into evangelical Christianity may like it.  There's a link to my Epinions review on the list.

I didn't want to read another book about hostages in Somalia, but then I read some gossip about Amanda Lindhout and decided I wanted to read the book her former boyfriend, Nigel Brennan, wrote about their ordeal.  So I started that last night.  So far, I think I like his book better, though I'm not very far into it yet.

I spent most of yesterday in bed because it was so cold and rainy in San Antonio and Aunt Flow is visiting.  I didn't feel like going out and wasn't into interacting with anyone.  It was a day for vegetating and drinking red wine.  I did manage to read while I watched Brady Bunch and Cosby Show reruns and I washed the sheets and wrote a review.  So I can't say yesterday was a total waste…

Bill is going to try to get a couple of weeks off in January, so we can take another trip.  This one will be a "hop", which means we will be at the mercy of the military to get us somewhere interesting.  Hops can be a lot of fun and very inexpensive.  They can also be very frustrating.  January is probably not the best time to go to Europe, which is why we are going to aim for the Azores.  Technically, the Azores are Portugal, but they are about 900 miles from the mainland.  We'll see what happens.  We could end up somewhere entirely different.  We both want to take a trip, though.

I watched The Wizard of Oz last night.  Apparently, there was also a music awards show on.  I never watch those shows or most talent shows because I find them kind of boring or annoying.  Someone on Facebook asked me if music award shows annoy me because I have perfect pitch and some of the performers were apparently off key.  I responded that I don't watch music award shows, but I do get annoyed by commercials that have singers or whistlers who are just slightly off pitch.  The latest Cracker Barrel commercial is one such ad to drive me nuts.

Maybe it's me, but it seems like whoever is whistling is not quite on key-- he's just slightly above the pitch.  It bugs me in a serious way…  *Sigh*  I really need to turn off the TV.

In other news, lots of friends are complaining about stores and restaurants being open on Thanksgiving.  I have to admit, I am going out to a restaurant on Thanksgiving.  However, the people who own the restaurant and are on its small staff are from France and wouldn't be celebrating Thanksgiving anyway, so there you go.  They were delighted when I made a reservation and I'm delighted we won't have tons of cooking, clean up, and leftovers.

Anyway, hopefully today won't suck.


  1. My Godfather's parents are both from the island of Terceira, which is theplace from which the vast majority of "Portuguese" people in California hail. He's gone there with my aunt and cousins three times. I don't know how many times he was there as a kid. They visited a couple other islands as well, though I'm not sure which ones. I know they went to Pico, but I don't know where else. They went to the mainland country once but didn't feel the need to go back. Portugal sent out many seafaring explorers in the early days, which is. I would assume, how they ended up in control of the islands and various other places. It certainly wasn't proximity that placed them in control.

    I want to go to the Basque regions of france and Spain. my dad has a couple of ancestors who turned up in the mormon forebear hunt who have Basque surnames. They're not really why I want to go there, though.

    I hope you feel better today. I only have a vist from Aunt Flo about once every three months. My doctor said it's just because I'm thin and that I'm "lucky" to have any visits at all. I don't complain because four visits or so a year are more than enough.

  2. Well, it's not a definite that we'll get to the Azores… we could just as easily end up in California! It all depends on what's available when we want to go. We could end up going nowhere. I would like to go to Portugal, though. It's one of several European countries I haven't been to yet.

    I went through the Basque Regions in 1997, but I was on a train and didn't see a whole lot. I would love to visit there, too… and maybe see Andorra, too.

    Aunt Flow's visits are not fun. But I guess when I stop with periods, I'll start to get all wrinkly. Hormones will go all kerfluey.


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