Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our halls are officially decked...

We bought a new tree at Target yesterday.  We tried Costco first, but they only had two kinds of trees and they were too big and expensive.  Target had this one for $100… we got the last one.  It's a lot prettier than our $50 Roses tree is and much easier to put up.

Here's the little tree we got in Germany.  I got new garlands for it and new lights… 

After a couple of hours of decorating, Bill and I were ready for some Christmas cheer… in the form of a delightful dark beer sent to us from a friend in Georgia.

Arran decided to join in the fun.  He looooooves Bill.

Obviously, Bill is shopping for me.  He did this right after he broke one of our shot glasses.  One more excuse to shop at

Our hearth is pretty, too.  My mom knitted us stockings years ago.  It's funny, since we never hung stockings when I was growing up.  But she made us stockings and I always hang them at Christmas time.

Our trip out on Black Friday wasn't too obnoxious.  Costco was a bit bizarre, with its oversized carts and oversized people milling around.  For just two people in a household, Costco is a bit overwhelming.  But I can see us using it for buying furniture or certain things that can be purchased in bulk.  Costco also has services that are valuable.  We came home with some food… some of which will have to be frozen.

We went to Target because Costco didn't have any garlands.  They had a lot more fake trees, too.

Some of my relatives are posting photos from Thanksgiving.  It makes me a little sad that I missed the party, since there were fireworks and a bluegrass band was playing.  On the other hand, our holiday was just fine, if not a bit on the boring side.  

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