Saturday, November 16, 2013

On my Facebook this morning...

One of my exMormon friends somehow knew I was a fan of The Flintstones.

So last night's hail and farewell was mostly pretty fun.  Many of Bill's co-workers are foreign area officers (FAOs) who work in Central and South America.  Quite a few of them are Hispanic or Latin and/or have spouses from the region.  One officer Bill works with is from Brazil and quite obviously has Asian ancestry.  If I were to guess, I'd say he's probably part Japanese.  He was a delightful guy, dressed very stylishly and had a very kind face.

Another guy was about my age, but you'd never know it.  He looks a lot younger.  He's about to retire and was given quite the sendoff.  He was one of those people you can look at and just tell he's a really high quality person.  His face radiated kindness and warmth and I could see that he and his wife adore their little daughter, who looked to be about three.  He plans to be a police officer next.  I actually got choked up as they were talking about him and all he'd done for the command.

I tend to fit in better with Bill's co-workers than the spouses.  I'm not much like the typical Army wife anyway, but most of the ones I saw last night were apparently from other cultures.  I never saw so many stilettos in my life!  It was interesting just to watch everyone.

We met an older, newlywed couple last night.  The guy who sits in the cube behind Bill married a very outspoken lady who quickly struck up a conversation with us as I was trying to get some food.  I was kind of hungry, but we chatted for awhile.  After talking to her for a few minutes, I got the sense that she was at the very least, a bit on the aggressive side.  Within a few minutes of meeting me, she said I was "gorgeous", which struck me as a bit on the insincere side.  She approached us first and made a rather strange and rude remark dismissing me (because Bill went to get some gumbo).  She said, "Feel free to tear yourself away."  Probably a more appropriate comment would have been, "Excuse us.  We're going to go get some gumbo." Her husband was pretty quiet throughout our conversation and looked a bit nervous.

Later, Bill's boss was hailing and farewelling everyone.  He called this woman up first and I watched in fascination as she held court.  Wearing a pair of skintight, shiny black pants that were supposed to resemble leather, and a ruffled white blouse, I got the sense that she was trying to project an image that she wasn't quite pulling off.  At one point, she got the boss very flustered and uncomfortable and she appeared to be enjoying the spectacle quite a bit.  She gleefully told us that she had been twice divorced, but the third marriage was "the charm".  We'll see.  Then she said she was going to throw a "hell of a party" when she and her husband were done renovating a farm house.  I got kind of bad vibes from her.  Once you've been around that type of person enough times, you start to pick up on the warning signs.

In any case, I don't think I said or did anything embarrassing.  And I didn't talk anyone's ears off.

Mr. Bill has made Eggs Benedict for breakfast, so I'm off to go enjoy it.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your eggs benedict.

    I suspect you would have liked my grandma, whom I never knew but only heard about. She didn't fit in well with other military spouses, nor did her rather large brood of children.They were a free-spirited group.

    1. She sounds like my kind of people. Have a look at my music blog. Tell me what you think of Richard Carpenter's daughter's singing, if you are so inclined. I found it very interesting to listen to.


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