Monday, November 4, 2013

Oil pulling...

I have a friend from college who is really into holistic healthcare.  I mentioned that I was having a lot of dental issues (for me, anyway) and she said I should try "oil pulling".  I had never heard of that before and when she explained it, it didn't sound like something I would especially enjoy doing.  Basically, you are supposed to swish some oil around in your mouth for up to 20 minutes, pulling it through your teeth as a means of removing "toxins" from your mouth.  Sesame oil and coconut oil are the most often suggested oils, but supposedly you can use any edible oil to do this.

I tried it last night with avocado oil.  It wasn't too bad, but I couldn't maintain it for 20 minutes.  I think I lasted maybe six minutes before I had to spit it out.  A couple of my friends were interested and wanted to know more.  One said she liked hearing from someone braver than she is!

I tried again this morning, because most sites say you should "oil pull" first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately, it didn't go as well the second time.  I spit out the oil after three minutes and started dry heaving.  Fortunately, the area of my gum that was bugging me yesterday doesn't seem to be bothering me much this morning.

I look at the area and it doesn't appear to be red or even swollen.  There is a very tiny amount of bleeding when I floss-- like, just a tiny amount on the floss that doesn't even show up when I spit.  But the area was sore and burning a bit and is near an upper molar with a large filling.  The tooth doesn't hurt… it feels more like the issue is in the gum.  But again, today it's not bad.  I did take pain meds last night, but nothing this morning.  And this morning, the gum feels about 98% normal.  Maybe it's the hydrogen peroxide that helped.

Another issue that has developed in the aftermath of my new crown is that I have more space between the two molars than I used to have.  So now, there's a "food trap" and I have to be very diligent about flossing because stuff gets stuck there.  It's very annoying.  Otherwise, the crown fits perfectly and isn't noticeable.

One thing I did notice this morning after swishing with hydrogen peroxide last night is that I didn't wake up with a nasty taste in my mouth the way I usually do.  That's definitely a plus.  I'm guessing I didn't wake up with dragon breath because of the hydrogen peroxide.

I really don't want to go back to the dentist for awhile, though… so I'm hoping the gum will go completely back to normal so I can deal with this later, preferably after the dentist is paid for the crown.


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