Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Odd thing happened today...

Some guy in the Virgin Islands on SingSnap sent me a private message and asked me if I would sing his original song.  It's called "A Real Woman".  He sent the lyrics and I immediately knew that it would not be a good song choice for me.  The song is basically sung from the perspective of a woman whose husband cheated on her and then dumped her for the other woman.  While I can empathize with a woman in such a position, I am a little sensitive about home wrecker songs because Bill's ex wife apparently thinks I am one.

Just to be clear, I met Bill in person after he and his ex had been divorced for almost a year.  I had been chatting with him since their separation, but there really was never anything romantic to speak of until they were divorced.  The ex, on the other hand, promptly moved her boyfriend into the house Bill was paying for.  And when Bill told her he was planning to propose to me, she said, "Well, '#3' has asked me to marry him several times.  I guess I can say 'yes' now."  She had made it pretty clear that she had expected Bill to come crawling back to her once he'd learned his lesson.  I sort of thwarted those plans, hence her thinking that I wrecked her family.

I felt bad about turning the guy down, though, since I am flattered that he likes my voice.  I wrote him back and in simple terms, explained why the lyrics to the song would be hard for me to pull off.  I am technically not a home wrecker, but I don't believe that a woman has the ability to steal a man away from someone (or vice versa).  I think that men (or women) make a choice to be unfaithful.  Yes, it's wrong to fool around with someone you know is married, but the bigger responsibility lies with the person who actually made a commitment to someone else.  If you're married and you value the relationship, you don't screw around… unless you have some kind of mutual agreement with your spouse.  If you get involved with someone else under those circumstances, you are responsible and should be held accountable.  In my view, the woman singing the song should be telling off her ex, not the other woman.

I did tell the guy that I liked his songwriting skills and if he ever writes a song about a woman married to a guy whose ex wife is a manipulative psycho, I may very well be his singer.  He did share with me a YouTube video of him singing the song and a woman in Australia singing it-- according to the comments on his video, there are people who like the song.  And I'm sure there is a woman singer out there with chops who could sing the song with heart.  I know there are a lot of folks out there who relate to it on a personal level.  I'm not one of those people, though.

He just wrote me back and said I inspired him!  Maybe he will write a song that would work better for my situation!


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