Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mundane Saturday...

Bill is going away this week, so we went to the liquor store and the commissary to pick up some stuff for me next week.  Between stops, we had lunch at Houlihan's.  I think it might have been my first time in one.  If I have ever eaten at Houlihan's, it was a long time ago.

Anyway, I doubt we'll go back anytime soon.  I wasn't all that impressed with the food or the service.  Neither was terrible, but neither was particularly good, either.  I had a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of grilled asparagus.  The asparagus was actually good; it had been wood fire grilled.  The sandwich, on the other hand, really wasn't grilled.  It was still pretty white and had just barely spent time on the grill.  The cheese was melted, but rather cool  It was like it had been sitting while the chefs prepared Bill's french dip sandwich.

While we were waiting, a rather flamboyant employee, the manager, perhaps, was chit chatting with the ladies sitting at the table next to ours.  He was having a lengthy and loud conversation with them.  I guess they were friends.  He talked to them for a long time, though, and was rather annoying.

Our waitress was okay, but the food took forever to get to us.  Since the restaurant was not very crowded, I get the feeling that there's a "weed" problem at night.  

We picked up $83 worth of groceries.  Then we came home and found out that Zane and Arran broke into the pantry and got into the dog food.  I don't think they got too much… it was probably Arran who did the deed.

I hate it when Bill goes TDY.  

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