Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mormons are not the same as Jews...

Tonight, I read this article on Yahoo!…

I don't want to get too much into what the article says, because this blog post has little to do with the fact that the LDS church is about to become Florida's largest private landowner.  According to the article, the church is set to own about 2% of Florida.  Naturally, that revelation spawned a lot of comments.  One of the people commenting is a woman calling herself Dorothy.

She writes:

All the hatred on this site reminds me of the hate shown to Jews in the last century. I am a Mormon. I am a Christian. I am a person of faith. My church - The Church "of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- is always there to provide relief and help in times of disaster. All you who hate Mormons, do you hate me? Do you want to blame me, isolate me, exterminate me the way many tried to do to the Jews not so long ago? We are in terrible trouble as a country if that is the way you really feel.

Really Dorothy?  Are you REALLY comparing Mormons to Jews?  Do you even have a clue what Jewish people endured 70 years ago?  Do you honestly think the Mormons are even on the same plane?  Do you realize how many Jews died for their beliefs?

Do you actually believe that you and your ilk are going to be rounded up and shipped off in crowded trains to a concentration camp or a ghetto, where you will be forced to work until you drop?  Or, perhaps you will be put into a gas chamber where you will be murdered in masses?

Will parents be separated from their young children as the babies and mothers are sent to die?  Do you really think you are in danger of losing your home, family, and property to a despot in charge of the country?  Do you really worry that you and your loved ones will be starved, raped, beaten, and tortured over religious beliefs?  Do you fear that an evil doctor will round up all the Mormon twins and do sick experiments on them a la Joseph Mengele?

She writes:

Your hatred reminds me of the hate shown towards Jews in the last century. I am a Mormon and my church -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- provides relief and help in many many natural and man made disasters. Please please please stop this name calling. Uness it is your intent to incite violence against people of my faith.

Yes, it's true, a lot of people have no love for Mormonism, but that doesn't mean they are being treated like the Jews were treated during the Holocaust.  That kind of hyperbole does nothing to help Dorothy's cause, which I would hope would be to promote understanding and trust.

By the way, Mormons have rather recently come under fire for being disrespectful to Jewish people by doing baptisms for the dead for Holocaust victims.  When anyone criticizes them for this practice, they whine about how they are doing it as a favor to the Jews, who can then choose to accept or reject the gospel… and why does it matter if you don't believe in the church?  It matters because it's disrespectful!  If another church similarly acted toward dead Mormons, there would be plenty of hell raising going on and complaints about disrespect, persecution, and oppression.

When someone pointed out that the LDS church seems to have a lot of business interests and comes across as greedy, Dorothy writes:

That is just not true. Look at anay major natural or man made disaster and the LDS church is right there donating money, time and other resources. Please don't lie.

A lot of the help the Mormons provide is conditional.  If you want help, you usually have to do something to earn it.  And if you ask for help or even friendship and make no move to join the church, you'll find yourself alone.  I notice that Dorothy makes a lot of comments about Obamacare, too… one comment she makes is especially rich.

She writes:

Just another propaganda piece for Obamacare. When are we going to say NO to allowing the government to deciding what is best for us? How many lies does Obama have to tell before we impeach him?

She's upset that the government is "deciding what is best for us."  But she belongs to a church that tells her how to spend her free time, what to drink and not to smoke, what to wear (right down to the underwear), and who and how to fuck.  I will admit, though I am sort of in favor of the ACA, or at least something being done about healthcare, the Obamacare rollout has not been smooth.  People are rightfully upset about it.  But is she really bitching about the government telling her what to do when she belongs to a controlling religious group that gets so involved in her personal choices that she has to wear their special underwear?  And answer personal questions about whether or not she masturbates or views porn?

In all honesty, though, her comments comparing Mormonism to what happened to Jews just piss me off.  Talk about ignorance and stupidity.  There just isn't any comparison.  She tells people to educate themselves, but I think she needs a little schooling herself.  I can think of plenty of excellent books that give the real story about the Holocaust.

Look at this photo and let the reality of it sink in…  This is just one look at what Jews endured.  

Lemme tell you, Dorothy, so far, the Mormons haven't even come close to the suffering and loss that the Jews have.  And to suggest otherwise is beyond offensive and ignorant.


  1. Jews were persecuted for being who they were. When people criticize Mormons, or even historically when people persecuted Mormons, it was for waht they did, not for who they were. While I don't condone persecution on the basis of religion or anything else, no one ever really cared what Mormons believed. It was only when they took over communities, put their own people into civil power, practiced plural marriage, and conducted their lives in ways that negatively impacted others, that their neighbors had problems living in proximity to them, and responded violently. Again, I don't think it was right that Mormons were in a few [albeit major] instances in the church's early years the victims of violence, careful study will reveal that those Mormons in the early years of the church who suffered violence were attacked not becasue of their beliefs but because they were poor neighbors.

    Regarding LDS Inc. and charitable work, their financial contributions to anyone outside the fold are miniscule in comparison to the sum of their holdings. The hours they devote to disaster aid or any other form of benevolence to the poor or suffering, whether the poor and suffering are a part the church or out of the church, are an insignificant (practically non-existent) portion of total hours worked by the few paid employees or the vast majority of indentured servants to the church.

    Mormons thrive on the thought of being "a persecuted people" as were the Jews. Unlike the Jews, however, everyone over the age of 18 can opt out of LDS Inc. No one is picking on them because they are genetically different. Furthermore, any alienation to which they are subjected in modern times pales in comparison to the alienation to which non-Mormons are subjected when living in highly populated Mormon areas.

    Dorothy thoroughly enjoyed composing that letter, just as she thrives on the idea that she is a martyr and a part of a persecuted population.

    1. Spot on. It's more butthurt whining from someone who isn't very educated about the facts and lacks perspective. I have yet to read about Mormons being rounded up en masse, put on an unheated cattle car on a train, and forced to dig their own graves before they are shot like stray dogs. I have never read about a group of people systematically exterminating Mormons using the most gruesome and horrific methods in order to drive them out of Utah or other heavily Mormon areas.

      Come to think of it, compared to so many other persecuted groups, Mormons have had it relatively easy. They need to take a number.


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