Monday, November 25, 2013

"Mod Mode"

The other day, I got into a ridiculous exchange on a message board.  Someone on Epinions had asked a question about putting links in their reviews.  I put in my two cents and then later added a comment that was intended to be kind of funny.  And, in fact, it was kind of taken as funny by the recipient… until the moderator, a man in his 60s who has a tendency to act like a strict parent, went into "mod mode" and threatened to shut down the thread.

I understand that every online community has its "house rules".  I usually do my best to try to respect them.  Sometimes, though, I slip up and write something that gets taken more seriously than it really should be.  Mr. Mod Mode quoted my post when he made his stern little threat, so even if I had amended it, it would still be there for the world to see.

This happened on Friday.  I made one last, brief, and somewhat polite response, especially compared to what my first instinct was.  Then I backed out of the thread and avoided the message board page, which I figured was my best bet to avoid unnecessary drama.  I mean, when someone threatens to "shut down" a thread because of something you post, you kind of take it as a sign that maybe you should shut up and go away, right?

Well, today I got a comment on one of my more recent reviews… and the commenter invited me to revisit the thread, which I had no desire to do, since I have a suspicion that it's probably full of things that will make me want to get sucked back into the drama.  I think I'd rather go clean the lint out of my belly button and butt crack than read all the crap there.  I do not like to be talked to like I'm a child… especially by someone who doesn't know me personally.  It's one of my many quirks.

Fortunately, I do have a modicum of self-discipline, which sometimes comes out when I need it to.



  1. Self discipline, schmelf discipline. Let someone else exercise it. Let the old man moderator discipline himself.

    Next year I may be in a situation where I'm actually somewhat required to exercise that most elusive commodity known as self discipline, but for now I shall be as immature as hell since that's what I'm going to be accused of being, anyway.

    1. There's something to be said for the occasional bout of immaturity.

  2. It's been ages since I visited Eps message board, but your staying away from the scene is probably best policy indeed. It's amazing how sucky this sort of 'conversation' can be... and a lot of time showing that one can 'let go' and not have to have the last word is what will sway third parties who stumble on the tread to deciding in one's favor (the silent people who read messages on the boards are often way smarter an audience than we sometimes give them credit for, so the guy who keeps badgering on replying long after his/her point has been made will usually end up turning people off). Good one for self-discipline! :)

    1. Yeah… I do enjoy writing reviews, but some of the people there are starting to cause unnecessary stress.


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