Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maria Kang in the news AGAIN!

Remember a few weeks ago, when I posted about Maria Kang the fat shaming mom of three?  Well, she's back in the news again.  Apparently, she's been kicked off of Facebook.  This time, people were pissed at her because she posted a rant about the "unrelenting support" people who are "borderline obese" are getting from the public.

According to Kang, people who are overweight or obese should not feel proud of their bodies.  She saw an ad campaign for "curvy lingerie" and denounced it, claiming that the normal sized women who were modeling the underwear were encouraging obesity.  Uh… Maria, have a look around, please.  I don't think an ad campaign does anything to "encourage obesity".  We have a lot of heavy people in this country, but there are plenty of stick thin models who haven't been able to influence that many people.  And those who have been influenced by the super thin models often end up with eating disorders or depression because they can't attain or maintain that super thin look.

I see nothing wrong with promoting normalcy in body size.  A size 12 woman is not borderline obese.  It's a pretty normal size, actually.  And I would love to be a 12 again… it's been decades.  Yet I am very healthy.  I haven't taken prescription meds since 2004.  I have never been hospitalized, unless you count one time when I was a baby and had pneumonia.  I have never had surgery.  I don't have high blood pressure and, as far as I know, don't have diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.

You really can't equate thinness with health.  In fact, it's mostly impossible to accurately determine health in someone just by looking at them.  Sure, if they have sallow skin, yellowed eyes, a hacking cough, and are too weak to walk, you could say they are unhealthy.  But the vast majority of people don't fall into that group.  There are plenty of people who are unattractively obese by popular opinion.  But even those people, honestly, might be technically healthy.  It all depends on what your definition of "health" is.  At the same time, there are unhealthy thin people, too.

At this point, I think that Maria Kang probably ought to get herself a public relations advisor and perhaps a therapist.  She would do well to learn some empathy and diplomacy.  But, that being said, I don't think she necessarily needs to be kicked off of Facebook.  There's plenty of asshole behavior to go around on Facebook.  She's not that much worse than a lot of opinionated folks on Facebook are… and again, she has a right to her opinion.


  1. I'm so glad I don't know this woman personally.

    1. Me too. I have a feeling we wouldn't get along.


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