Thursday, November 14, 2013

I like God.

There's a funny dude on Facebook who poses as God.  He's very witty and borders on blasphemy, but he makes me laugh…

A video from God's YouTube channel…

I'm usually impressed by how this guy handles hecklers who shame him for posing as God.  A lot of times, they use filthy language, which gives God the perfect opportunity to smite them.  I think God stays as anonymous as possible, so no one torches his house.

God and Jesus have a chat about Christmas...

I have to admit that this dude seems to be copying Trey Parker and Matt Stone a bit, at least in terms of their humor.  Instead of fourth grade boys, though, they are posing as religious bigwigs.

Frankly, I think I like God's Facebook better than YouTube.  He comes off as more decent on the Facebook page… like when he calls politicians to task for screwing over the poor.

For Thanksgiving…

And God likes to make fun of people like Joel Osteen, too…

Yep, God is good.  And Facebook's God is getting funnier all the time.  I'll probably be back later to bitch about something else.


  1. I'm still not on FB though I've checked God out through someone else's account. I've lawys felt drawn to God, but I never realized He was so damned funny. Some people seriously need to lighten up.

    1. You gotta admit, God handles the uptight ones like a boss!


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